Sleepover Party


Spa Sleepover -10yr- Party Games

Salon Slumber Party -13yr- Six Spa Stations

Sleepover Party -14yr- Fancy Box Invites

Sleepover Party -13yr- Fashions & Photos

Hotel Party -14yr- Makeover Competition

Hotel Party -13yr- Spa Goodie Bags

Hotel Weekender Party - River Rafting

Princess Slumber Party (17-18yr) Fun Questions

Holiday Inn Party -13yr- Who Am I Game

Hotel Retreat Party -13yr- Chicago Fun

Hotel Party -13yr- Fashion Show

Sleepover Party -13yr- Comercial Break Game

Hotel Bash -13yr- Hotel Spa & French Restaurnt

Sleepover Party (13-14yr) Make Body Glitter

Hotel Fashion Show -13yr- Fashion Mummy

Black Light Sleepover -14yr- Glow in the Dark

Day Out Sleepover -13yr- Facials & Movie

Sleepover Party -13yr- Manicure & Facial

Water Park/Hotel Party -13yr- Road Trip

Haunted Sleepover -14yr- Haunted Hayride

Weekend Sleepover -13yr- Volleyball & Roller Rink

Boat Sleepover Party -13yr- Pool & Fooseball

Fantastic Sleepover Party -13yr- Who Am I Game

Sleepover Party -13yr- Spin the Nail Color

Best Sleepover Party -14yr- Deal or No Deal

Hawaiian Summer Sleepover -14yr- T-Shirt Painting

Diva Weekend Party - Mall Scavenger Hunt

Swim Sleepover Bash -13yr- Local Pool Cabanna

Spa Sleepover Party -13yr- Booty and Bust

Chocoholic Sleepover -15yr- Hot Cocoa Competition

Sleepover Party -13yr- Deal or No Deal Game

Candy & Cupcake Sleepover -13yr- Midnight Sundaes!

Arabian Nights Party -14yr- Backyard Tent & Pillows

Surfing & Sleepover -13yr- Surfing Lessons

Sleepover Party -13yr- Movie Marathon

Ultimate Beach Sleepover -13yr- Decorate Flip Flops

Sleep Under the Stars -13yr- Mystery Kit

Super Sports Sleepover -13yr- Winners' Trophies

Candyland Sleepover -13yr- Candy Buffet

Sleepover -13yr- Summer Days & Nights

Ice Skating Orange Sleepover -13- Orange Scavenger Hunt

Make-up Lesson Sleepover -13yr- Makeup Favors

Cupcake Wars Sleepover -14yr- Sweet Cupcakes

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -14yr- Slumber Party

Glamour Girl Sleepover -14yr- Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Sleepover -14yr- Mall Scavenger Hunt

Pajama Sleepover -15yr- Fairy Lights

Hotel Super Sleepover -13yr- Hotel Pool

It's Raining Cats & Dogs Party -13yr- Pupcakes Catcakes

Spa Sleepover Party -14yr- Basement Spa

Girly Extravaganza Party -14yr- Sleepover Tips

Bouncy House Sleepover -15yr- Party Games

Hotel By The Mall -13yr- Hot or Not

The Hunger Games (13-14yr) Party & Sleepover

Chocolate Sleepover (13-16yr) Candyland

Diva Weekend Party - Mall Scavenger Hunt

Hotel Bash -13yr- Activity Center Fun

Around The World Hotel -13yr- Foreign Foods

Spa & Sleepover Party -14yr- Manicures Pedicures

Sleepover Party -14yr- Lots of Lanterns

Downtown Hotel -15yr- Watching Street Performers


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