Sleepover Party

Sleep Under the Stars -13yr- Mystery Kit




Sleepover Party


Aubrey in Walnut Creek, California, USA


March 2011



For my 13th birthday party I knew I wanted to do something unique. I looked for days on this website and so many others until I finally came up with the idea to do a campout party.

INVITATIONS: for my invitations I took a blue piece of paper and cut it down to fit in an envelope. Then I pasted on a hot pink tent, yellow stars, and the words SLEEP UNDER THE STARS. On the back of the paper I put all the details and included that they would need warm clothes because it will get cold at night. In the envelope I put the invitation and their character card and the summary of the mystery we would be playing later ( SEE ACTIVITIES).  

DECORATIONS: For the decorations I am keeping it very simple. We will have a traditional red checkered table cloth ( we are having bbq for dinner) and baskets that they use in restaurants will act as our dinner plates, napkins, forks, and knives, for cups they are getting a water bottle which will act like a canteen which is one of their favors. I will have twigs and pine cones around, and maybe a couple lanterns.

ACTIVITIES: For the activities I had a hard time coming up with something and then I found a mystery kit to purchase on the internet. Ironically it was based on 5 friends having a camping party in the woods. The kit came with everything I needed and was only $30. Each person gets a character and there are clues that we receive and in the end solve the mystery. A part of the mystery is that they find  stolen jewlery, so I got each person an inexpensive but pretty necklace from Target that will be one of their favors.

After that we will have dinner ( SEE SNACKS) and then set up our sleeping arrangements in the big tent. Then we are going to open presents and have cake. Then we will have a big campfire in our fire pit and preform skits.

After we digest cake we will start the smores buffet. The smores buffet will be complete with 2 types of graham crackers, choclate and vanilla. There are two different marshmallows the vanilla and the vanilla chocolate swirl. Then there are peanut butter cups and regular chocolate. I found this idea on another site and tweaked it to fit my likings. These toppings will be displayed in rustic silver buckets that I found at Target for $1 each to fit the camping theme.

During this time each person will get some glow sticks and a flashlight that has candy in the bottom, and bubbles.  Then we will go in the tent and watch movies have popcorn and braid each others hair ( I bought small hairbands from Target to prevent the spread of lice).

GAMES: there are not really any games.

COSTUMES: Their costumes are listed on their character cards which is part of the mystery kit.

PARTY SNACKS: For snacks we are going to have trail mix, jiffy pop ( used a lot on camping trips), swedish fish (fish), gummy bears (bears), and gummy worms (worms). For dinner we are going to have hamburgers and hot dogs ( if you have vegetarian guests you may want to have turkey dogs), chips, fruit, and punch to drink. After dinner we are going to have smores.

CAKE: For the cake I am making mud pie to continue the theme of camping and being outdoors. Mud pie is just crushed chocolate wafers, your choice of ice cream, and hot fudge, plus whipped cream on the top. In the morning we are just going to have donuts, fruit, and milk.

FAVORS: The favors will be given throughout the party such as the necklaces, the glow sticks, the bubbles, the flashlights with the candy on the bottom, and the water bottles.

I think this party is going to rock and I hope I gave you some new ideas!!!!!!

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