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Super Sports Sleepover -13yr- Winners' Trophies




Sleepover Party


Megan in New Cumberland, PA USA


March 2011


Special Mention

For my spring sleepover, I had a sports-themed sleepover. Every year i have a sleepover with about 12 of my closest friends in the spring, summer, winter, and fall with an extravagant theme and decorations that looks like it costs a lot but really mostly I use decorations and stuff that I make myself, which lowers the cost immensely if you do it right.

For my invitations I found sports-themed (basketball and football) valentines that can fold out and make a little basketball game/football game in a pack of 24 for 99 cents after valentines day.

For decorations I bought streamers at the dollar store, two rolls for $1 in pink, purple, and white, and a few packs of 25 balloons also for $1 each. I made movie posters by enlarging images on my computer of sports themed movies, like Switching Goals, The Game Plan, Remember the Titans, etc. I also cut out various sports balls like soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, etc. and taped them around the living room, where most of the party was held. I bought plates with a sports theme at Wegmans for about $2.50 for a pack of eight, and decorated the table with a green tablecloth ($ store) and I made my own centerpiece by just putting a football with a few basketball/baseball/soccer ballons on it (need 1 orange and 2 white $ store ballons & draw on details w/ red/black sharpie.

Activities: When the guest first arrived we went and they put their stuff in my room so that it wouldn't be crowding up the party area yet. I had cut 6 pieces of purple paper and 6 pieces of pink paper ahead of time, and each guest was blindfolded and picked a paper out of a baseball cap. This would be their team for the party. When we all go settled into our teams, we went into the kichen and we went to make jerseys" (pink or purple shirts I found @ Justice in the biggest size they had they were too big for most of the girls including me but better too big than too small right?) to be decorated with puff paint. We all painted our last name and our age (for the # on the back)

While we were making the shirts both teams had to decide on a team name. I was on the purple team so of course our name had to be the purple magical dancing ponies of death and the pink team was the haunted sparkly pink unicorns. We then wrote both team names on a chalkboard that I had and we used it to keep score throughout the party. We then left our shirts to dry for the first activity which was pinata soccer! I had paper machaed balloons a week before the party and I filled them with things like big leauge chew sports erasers bouncy balls that looked like baseballs/basketballs/soccer balls (in a pack of 3 from $ store again)  sports shaped whistles that I found from birthday express and a spots themed pencil/paper set.

Then I paper mached the hole and spray painted them white with black hexagons. So we kicked around the pinatas a bit until they all opened and then we played a game that I made up called gymnast says; It's pretty simple all you do is you have one person on the trampoline and the rest of the people on the ground. The opposite team has topick a stunt out of a hat so it's fair like do a front flip backflip back handspring etc. and she got 2 tries to get it perfect and if she nailed it her team got a point and the team with the most points at the end wins.  When we finished playing that game we went on to our next activity which was swimming! We played a game of volleyball in the pool and the winning team received a point.

Then we had a relay race which also earned the winning team a point. After that we had free time where we just hung out and swam for about an hour. When we all got bored of swimming we went on to the next activity basketball! I have a basketball hoop in my driveway so we played a few ½ court games (since I only have 1 hoop)  where the winning team received a point and then we played knockout which is a game played in gym that most kids know how to play.

By now our shirts were dry so we wore them to play basketball. I  found these super cute limited edition soccer soffee shorts at kohls on sale for $5 each and since we had a 30% off coupon we just had to splurge(I just guessed everyone's size and luckily they all fit but you may want to ask just to be safe) After getting into our sports attire we took team pictures out in a clear part of our 4 ½ acre yard and we also took one of all of us together all to be put on facebook later. By now it was about 7:00 so we went inside for our next activity Wii Sports while my mom was making dinner. At around 7:45 we had dinner.

For dinner we had a make your own salad bar we just set out stuff like lettuce tomatoes carrots onion chicken ham cheese turkey and ranch Italian and Ceasar dressing on the island in our kitchen and we had drinks like Gatorade soda milk water etc. For snacks throughout the party we had a concession stand with those goldfish with basketball shapes in them Luna bars Cliff bars popcorn fruit like apples pears bananas peaches etc. and veggies like carrots and celery with ranch nothing too fancy. 

After dinner it was about 8:30 (we are all slow eaters) Anyways all that aside our next activity was broom hockey in The living room/ dining room I found cheapo brooms at the dollar store and used some we already had with a small soft ball and we set up 2 mini goals borrowed from a friend. (we moved all the furniture out of the way) The next thing we did was since it was about 9 we played a few rounds of freeze dance and whoever was left at the end whatever team they were on was the team that got the point. At about 9:30 we were all exhausted but we couldn't give up yet because at 9:30 we all were kidnapped and we went to our local McDonalds play place you might want to check to see if yours will let you come at night and we had fun crawling through the tunnels and running around there for an hour (Yeah so what if we're 13 it was fun and we were like the only people there it was pretty sweet.)

When we got back my mom had set up a little stage outside and we were about to get our awards! We all sat down on the grass in front of the stage and were all called up for awards like MVP best soccer volleyball gymnastics or basket ball player etc I had made certificates on the computer in advance. Then it was time to announce the winner!  And guess what? So everything would be fair it was a tie (even though the purple team really won I didn't want people to get upset) and we all went up and got little trophies I got from OTC and then my sister was up in a tree and she threw confetti down on us! (like in the movies) when we were done we all went back inside and we watched Switching Goals and we all signed baseballs for each other that I found at Ollies in a pack of 3 for $1 (they were pink!)

After we all signed the baseballs we set up our sleeping bags in the living room and watched the rest of the movie and talked and made our own sundaes instead of cake. Then it was like midnight and we were all really tired from running around so we put in another movie and talked some more until we fell asleep. In the morning we got up at around 10 and we ate breakfast and just hung out at my house all day until everyone's parents picked them up.

This was an awesome party not to mention very inexpensive it costed around $100 for the whole party."

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