Sleepover Party

Candyland Sleepover -13yr- Candy Buffet




Sleepover Party


Alice in Brighton, England


May 2011



INVITES: I made round lollipop lookalikes which i created on Microsoft Word, which said ******'s 13th Candyland! On the other side it said: Please come to my 13th Candyland and included Whereabouts,When, Time and Rsvp, i also wrote: 'come with an empty stomach and sleeping bag'. Then I stuck this on a cocktail stick and tied a ribbon around it to look like Lollipops. Theses were a real hit and everyone was talking about these invites.

CAKE: For my cake I bought a giant cupcake tin and made three of them, two with chocolate sponge and one with vanilla. They all had different coloured toppings pink, white and chocolate. I then decorated them with edible glitter and chocolate buttons.

PARTY BIT: When the guests arrived i lead them to a table where they had chocolate tasting game where they had to guess which chocolate that they were tasting without looking. When all the guests had arrived, we were separated into 4 groups (26 people total at the party) where you would make up your own candy bar or lollipop and present it in a promotional way e.g. make posters, adverts, logos etc.

Then you were to present it to the rest of the party and compete agaisnst the other teams for a prize. Then we had dinner and after dinner we had a doughnut eating competition, for this the doughnuts would be attached to strings and you would have to try to eat it with just your mouth. Afterwards, some people danced to candy themed music while others decorated cupcakes and cupcake shaped cookies with frosting and decorations.

SLEEPOVER: We then got to fill our own sweet bags full with sweets from the candy buffet and spread out all our sleeping bags on the floor to watch the movie 'chocolat' which was projected onto a wall. Afterwards, my family went to bed, however the party went on. A few disagreements broke out but were soon sorted (i learnt from my mistake of inviting 26 all girls to my sleepover).

At around 2am people were drifting off to sleep and only a handful of us were still awake, we all moved our sleeping bags underneath the candy buffet table and hung up a torch to tell scary stories.

At around 5am about 7 of us crept outside to my zipwire to have a go on it. This was the highlight of the party and was really fun. Eventually, at 6am we fell asleep.

The next morning at 10am we had breakfast. It was a very simple breakfast of bagels,crossiants and toast with toppings. After breakfast, we watched charlie and the chocolate factory as parents started arriving until everyone left. 

FAVORS: Giant swirly lollipop each (5) and a piece of cake.

CANDY BUFFET FOOD: fizzy strawberry pencils jelly lips giant milk and white chocolate jazzies dumle jelly beans marshmallows m&ms and candycanes. Red and white striped candy bags. MUSIC: Lollipop-mika Candyman-charlie & the chocolate factory candyma-christina agularia my boy lollipop lollipop lollipop-dunno etc

FOOD&DRINK: Hot dogs pizza and canapes. Sprite J2O Water Juice Milk pink lemonade coca cola.

DECORATIONS: Big vase filled with boiled candies and 4 giant lollipops (9") sticking out like flowers. Lime green pink and hot pink streamers hanging from ceilings. Cupcake banner hanging across room. Candycane paper walk (printed pics of candycanes stuck to the floor with tape). Multicoloured balloons. Colourful candy buffet (different shaped bowls and scoops). Coloured drapes. Paper lollipops taped to walls.

Thanks for reading!  "

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