Sleepover Party

Ultimate Beach Sleepover -13yr- Decorate Flip Flops




Sleepover Party


Megan in New Cumberland, PA,USA


March 2011



My idea for an awesome party is to have a beach themed sleepover!I would plan it for the last day of school as like a goodbye thing because you dont usually see a lot of your friends over the summer. I would invite about 11 girls just to keep things interesting.

INVITATIONS: For the Invitations I am going to buy beach balls at the dollar store and write all of the necessary party info on them, to keep things cheap but creative.

DECORATIONS: Ok, now here's the fun part. For decorations I am going to set up a little Boardwalk" with brown butcher paper and make shops out of old refridgerator boxes more on this below. I am also going to get the usual balloons and streamers for on the deck they will probably be blue green and purple and I'm going to have tables set up with purple tablecloths and green chairs with beach themed party ware. 

We will hopefully have our pool up by then so our pool will be decorated with pool lights and other pool toys. Inside we will have our living room set up with a few decorations on which I haven't decided yet but this will be where we sleep and everything.

ACTIVITIES: Well of course no beach party would be complete without swimming so we are going to swim from about 3 to 5 pm after which we will dry off and get changed into shorts and flip-flops and we will then go to the "boardwalk". There will be 4 shops with three girls at a time at each shop.

The first shop will be Flawless Flip-flops where we will all get to decorate our own flip-flops which you can get for a dollar a pair at Michael's. I will have various supplies including glow in the dark paint and various fabric strips and string etc.

The next shop will be Samantha's Super Sports Shop where I will have made "soccer pinatas" in advance-for those who do not know what that is you paper mache a balloon and then fill it with some little trinkets or candy or whatever and then you paper mache the hole and you can decorate it but you dont have to if you dont want to I probably won't due to time concerns. Anyways you basically just kick the thing around untill it breaks.

The next shop will be a photo booth where I will have a background and various costumes available along with my digital camera all to be posted on facebook later.

The last shop will be a sunglasses place where we will all decorate our own sunglasses.

After we are done at the board walk taking about 15 minutes at each station we will take a picture of us in our sunglasses and flip-flops and we will have a beach fashion show with my sister and her friends acting as "paparazzi" taking pics of us going down the runway. After we are done with that we will go back in the pool and play volley ball or something until dinner.

After dinner we will probably just chill and hang out swim and play games until we fall asleep around 2 am. We might tye dye shirts or something and before we go to bed we will watch a beach movie like Billboard Dad (Olsen Twins) or the new one about the girl that lost her arm when she was attacked by a shark with Anna Sophia Robb in it I forget what it's called.

GAMES- The only structured games will be the volleyball and the pinata soccer the rest of the night will be up to us!

COSTUMES: bikinis short shorts sunglasses and flip-flops are really all we will be wearing other than our pajamas when we go to bed.

FOOD: for dinner we will probably have something like pizza fairly simple and we will have snacks like golfish fruit veggies etc. nothing too fancy.

CAKE: Instead of cake I am going to make this thing I saw in American Girl Magazine where you get a pudding cup and put a cereal straw in it and put crushed graham crackers on the pudding and flatten out Airheads and put them on the cereal straw for leaves and you put malted milk balls for coconut and it looks like a palm tree.

FAVORS: Everyone will leave with sunglasses flip-flops candy from the soccer pinatas we may tye dye t-shrts if I can find them for a decent price and a CD that I will make with popular songs on it that will have a beachy cover and say thanks for coming and all that. "

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