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Sleepover Party -13yr- Movie Marathon




Sleepover Party


Jordan in Seattle, Washington, United States


February 2011



Every girls 13th birthday is awsome. And I was pulling my hair out (not literally) trying to come up with ideas!!! So I visited this site and got some awsome ideas. Then I invited 6 of my closest friends (all girls) to my 13th birthday sleepover:)

InViTaTiOnS* For my invitations I got on my computer and made a flyer type style invite. At the top it said Jordan's 13th Birthday Sleepover!" in a bold font. At the bottom I typed out all of the information like; who, what, where and when.  I also put something we were going to do. Then I printed it out on neon colored paper (the brighter the better is always what I say) and handed them out to everyone at school.

DeCoRaTiOnS* My room is way too small for everyone to sleep in there so I used my basement! But you don't need to use your basement.  If your room is too small try to find a big open space in your house and see if you can use that:). Then I put bright colorful balloons around the room (some with helium some not) and had bright streamers everywhere - I basically made it very colorful and not as boring as it once was. Try to make sure your space is customized:). Then I put some strobe lights around the room along with a multi-clored light-up disco ball! Let's just say we turned off the strobe lights after everyone went blind;). I also brought down a lot of rugs and carpets so that the ground was softer.

AcTiViTiEs/GaMeS* For activities I had a lot planned. First I have a HUGE backyard and I planned a treasure hunt for everyone and the prize was a bag of skittles. Everyone had a blast because I made the clues very vague and confuzing. You had to think very hard to figure them out. The treasure was a teddy bear I hid in a tree(very nicely if I do say so myself :).

Then later we played games on my nintendo wii. My dad's friend owns a kariokee mashine and at least 50 tracks for it so my friends and I sang on that for a while. Then we made it into something like American Idol. It was awsome!

Then my mom had bought white t-shirts for everyone and we used fabric paint and wrote "JORDAN'S 13th SLEEPOVER!" on them and decorated then and we all signed them they were AWSOME!!!!:).

We watched at least 4 movies so make sure you have some of them around because they suck up time fast. Try to make sure they are movies that nobody at your slumber party has seen. When it got dark we turned off all the lights and played lazertag with flashlights. Then we put down the flashlights and played hide and seek in the dark (you have to play this game, it is so fun!!!:)).

CoStUmEs* Make sure all of your guests have pajamas and a toothbrush and anything they need to spend the night.

FoOd* My mom ordered pizza from dominoes and that is what we had for dinner. We had snacks set out through the whole night like chips and dip soda candy pretzels, veggie tray ext. Make sure that there are plenty of snacks so that your guests don't get hungry throughout the night. Ok back to pizza. After the pizza dinner my mom brought out my cake and we sang happy birthday and opened presents.

My cake was vanilla with purple frosting and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN" on it in blue icing. Also I got some dum-dums lollypops and inserted them into the cake to make a border. That was a hit:).

Later in the night we had a cupcake contest. We all had cupcakes(everyone got to pick which kind they wanted) and we had a contest of who could decorate their cupcake the best. My mom and dad were the judges we had all sorts of frosting tips and cupcake topper candy. We also had a time limit so we couldn't spend the whole night decorating cupcakes. The prize was a roll of starburst(my favorite candy:)).

Then at about 1 in the morning my mom and dad set up an icecream parlor in my kitchen. They set out 5 kinds of icecream and about 15 different toppings!!! That was AWSOME!!! Then in the morning my dad made me and my friends a breakfast buffet!!! With french toast, waffles, pancakes, cereal and we all stuffed ourselves!!!! It was Great!

FaVoRs* I had lime green bags that I filled with gum chapstick candy and just a lot of little trinkets. Well that is my party:)

I hope that I gave you some great ideas! Everyone at my party haad a blast:)! "

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