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Sleepover Party


Jaime in Auckland, New Zealand


January 2011


Honorable Mention

For my 13th Birthday, I wanted to do something special. I searched for days, weeks, even months on this site and I have seen almost every single idea available. Then I came across a special deal on a website for a $30 Surf lesson (including Wet suit and surfboard hire) which was usually $60 so I asked my mum and we booked it.

INVITATIONS: For the invites, I wanted something funky and not the cheesy surfboard shaped invite so I went onto Google and found an image of some old brown style paper and copied that onto a word document. Then I got 3 more pictures of girls surfing and went onto the Picnik website: and did a collage so the three pictures were going down vertically seperated but black lines. Go onto picnik and go to 'make collage' upload 3 pictures and place them in the three boxes and save it. Once I did this, I made the whole picture (all 3 pics) into sepia. Then I took this image and pasted it onto the word document on the left-hand side of the page and tilted it to the left just a little.

Then on the Right, I wrote Surf's Up" as the title in a cool as font called 'angelic war' (you can go to for this font and download it for free) then I wrote the details in the font 'Boyz R Gross' (also from that website): Summer is here and so is Jaime's 13th Birthday! We will be going surfing up in Raglan and then we will stay the night at Jaime's House! It's going to be so much fun! DATE: (the day of your party) TIME: (the time of your party) PLACE: (the place of your party) RSVP: (where to rsvp to) Please bring your togs a towel pj's clothes toiletries sleeping bag and a pillow to the party. Then I printed those off and sent them out to people in a empty Coconut shell (washed and empty).

DECORATIONS: For the decorations I didn't do much since I only had 3 people coming with me but here is what I would have done: At the front door I put a sign above the door saying 'Let's Go Surfing' which I made at Then I had some of that blue tinsel/door curtain stuff (you know the stuff that looks like strings of blue metallic ribbon hanging in the door yea that)and put that in the doorway. I live down a long driveway so at the top of the driveway I put a lawn sign that says "Jaime's 13th Birthday Party.

THIS WAY!" in the grass at the top of the driveway (made at In the party room/lounge I put 150 helium Balloons all over the ceiling and 150 on the floor (non-helium) (we got a special package for 150 Balloons for $200 (which is really good price) and we also got the Blue and white balloons with that package).

I also got some blue and white confetti/glitter and scattered that all over the tables and chairs and the floor.I had 4 large sized cardboard surfboards that I had cut out of cardboard and painted cool design's on (I had these all over the room) I also had 3 Happy Birthday Banners and a cork board filled with pictures of famous surfy chicks and surf brands like a collage. It looked awesome.

The food decor was colour themed and the cake was in the surfy theme. I had blue and white napkins plates cups cutlery and bowls. Add anything else in the colour theme that you would like as well.

ACTIVITIES: For the activities the biggest activity was the surf lesson. I live 2 hours away from where the surf lesson is so it would pretty much take up MOST of the day to do the surf lesson (getting there and back as well). We left home at 10.00am and drove for 2 hours until we got to Raglan then we stopped off for lunch then drove to the surf lesson that started at 1.00pm.

After our surf lesson we took pictures with all of the instructors and thanked them and then left for home. We went through all the photo's of us surfing with the camera plugged into the tv then we watched a movie (mean girls) and then went out and had Pizza Hut.

Then came home and just watched tv did blind make-overs nails secrets truth or dare Pin-the-Tail on the donkey (in my version: Put on BRIGHT red lipstick and get a picture of a hit boy and blind-fold someone and then make them try and kiss the boy poster on the lips. The person closest wins! LOL )and then just play other fun games until you all fall asleep. In the morning have breakfast and just chill until home time.

COSTUMES: Get the girls to wear their bathing suits under their clothes (beachy type clothes: eg. Shorts and a singlet)

PARTY SNACKS: For Lunch we had filled rolls either bought from the bakery or home-made For dinner we had Pizza from Pizza Hut For Breakfast we had M&M Pancakes (YUM!) we had popcorn chips chocolate sweets and other yummy stuff like that! MMMMMMMMM!

CAKE: Vanilla Cake with light blue frosting covering the entire cake and then a surfboard made out of ready made fondant on top. YUM!

FAVOURS: I will wrap some sweets and a lip gloss and nail polish in some crepe paper. Hope you have a great party! I sure did! Love Jaime xxx :)"

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