Sleepover Party

Arabian Nights Party -14yr- Backyard Tent & Pillows




Sleepover Party


Olivia in Warrnambool Victoria Australia


January 2011



For my 14th birthday party I felt like doing something really fun and unexpected. The year before I had done a murder mystery and all my friends were expecting a really great party, I searched and searched and I came across this site, and finally I decided on doing an Arabian Nights party!

INVITATIONS: For the invites, I made them on my computer with a cool program I have. I put them in a red envelope with a magic lamp on the front and it said 'make a wish'. Inside, there was a joke saying 'What?!?! A date with Zack Efron? Well no I can't do that but you are invited to my party!' Then it had the details and it was decorated in Arabian style. On the back of the envelopes it had the guest's name and a golden wax seal with an A on it. They were hand delivered.

DECORATIONS: Since it was a sleep-over, I had set up a tent in the backyard. I covered it in some pink, purple, green and yellow fabric I bought cheap at spotlight. Inside I put an inlatable mattress and I covered it in pillows, blankets and scarves. My friends also brought some. It looked really nice.

I also bought some coloured bead necklaces and big plastic rings and cliped them everywhere. I had a small table inside the tent where we put the food and drink. I put incense on a table outside the tent and two beautiful lanterns with candles inside.

ACTIVITIES: I had some games planned even though I didn´t think the girls would want to play very much, (Teenagers) but they were just in case. I had planned a pin the lamp on the genie, henna tattooing, a game called 'three wishes' where we put wishes in pieces of paper inside a bag and pull them out and try to guess who´s it is.

For prizes, I bought some badges, hair clips and scarves from the rejects shop. They were really pretty and everyone loved them! I also got some really cool modern arabian music on the internet at We all belly danced and were really bed at it, but had heaps of fun!

COSTUMES: I told everyone to come as a belly dancer, genie or arabian princess. I bought a really nice costume from and the girls all came dressed up too.

SNACKS AND FOOD: I had heaps of different little things for food. We had marzipan, nougat, turkish delight chocolate covered and not, chocolate honeycomb,chocolate coins, cheese slices, homemade chips, pita bread, hommous dip, falafel, meatballs and heaps of lollies.

CAKE: For the cake we bought a choclate ice cream cake and surrounded it with chocolate tablets and put ice-cream balls on top and wraped it in a beautiful gold ribbon. But when we ate it we weare so ful we almost threw up.

FAVOURS: Since not many girls came, I could but really cool stuff for the goody bags. First, I filled it with some lollies from the party. Then I put a CD from the arabian music, a 'Far Away' body spray from Avon and a lip balm also from Avon. I put evrything in a pretty giftbag in the guests favourite colours in arabian style.

Over all, it was great and the girls are still talking about it. I love planning parties and can't wait untill this year's!

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