Sleepover Party

Candy & Cupcake Sleepover -13yr- Midnight Sundaes!




Sleepover Party


Madeleine in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


January 2011


Special Mention

This year for my 13th birthday I wanted to have a sleepover party.

THEME - The theme for this party is a cupcake/candy theme.

INVITATIONS - Since I am having about 7-8 people sleeping over, I wanted to go all out on the invitations! First I went to the craft store and bought these little Chinese food boxes in the theme colors of my party (lime green, pink, tourquise and purple) Then I went to William Sonoma to buy the cupcake mix Sprinkles" to make cupcakes to put in the boxes and give to them as invitations. For some more invitations I went on a website and found some cute little orderable ones that went perfect with my theme! The party will be going from 4:oo pm to 10:30 Am

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES when everyone is arriving we will be making bubble gum and perfume from a kit that you can find at mastermind. We will be having dinner at a restaurant just a block from my house. After that we will be having a scavenger hunt in this area in my neighborhood that has lots of stores. Everyone will be divided into 2 teams and there will be my sister in one group and my sister's friend in the other group!

After that we will just relax for a bit and talk because after we will be playing life sized Candyland! For this I had 6 characters that there will be stations at! At king Candy's station there will be a jar of candy and everyone is going to guess how much candy is in tit and the person closest gets to keep the whole jar!

The next characters are the gingerbread kids; at that station we will be making tiny gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Then we will go through lord licorice's jungle and to get through we have to taste skittles and see if we can guess the flavor. Then we will go to Princess lolly's station and we will be making old-fashioned swirl lollypops!

Next we will go to queen frosting and we will have to find an M&M in whip cream of frosting only with their tongue's! Last we will go to the chocolate bar bandit and here we will have a mini Easter egg hunt! This will bring us back to the beginning to King Candy and then he will announce the results of who one at each station and the overall winners.

This will be played around my neighbor's house and mine and in my house. To get to each station everyone will be receiving cards from the scavenger hunt and those will be used in the game! There will be felt squares leading up to all the places and you have to pass them just like regular candy land!

After that we will go into the kitchen and we will have a cupcake challenge! I had made all the cupcakes prior to the party from the sprinkles cupcake mix. Next there were 4 teams of 2. In 15 minutes each team had to decorate 3 cupcakes 2 however they liked and last by a secret theme that would be revealed. Then in the bathroom I had set up curling and straighten irons and we hired a lady from a local hairdresser to come paint our nails!

After that we played a game called do you know your birthday girl! My mom created questions and we had this whole little area set up for it! After that we had our photo shoot! After that we played hide and seek in the dark! After that we had a little treat setup incase everyone was getting tired we had midnight snack ready! Ice-cream sundaes! We had a station set up with strawberry chocolate and vanilla ice cream and all the toppings! After that we did blind makeovers had a pillow fight played truth or dare and watch some movies!!! 

DECORATIONS - So for the photo shoot I set up a backdrop and a little red carpet sort of thing. All the other room s basically was just decorated in streamers and balloons! For candy land we basically just used felt pieces as the steps and Make a large cut out of the characters!

COSTUMES for the candy land game I asked them if they had some American appeal sweatshirts they could bring and wear and everyone would have a different one for the people who didn't have any we found some clothing making sure everyone was different colors! We also had some stuff at the photo shoot for them to dress up in but I advised them to bring some of their own stuff!

PARTY SNACKS - for the party snacks I had set up a whole candy table of different candies that my friends liked so I had some M&M's Oreo cookies chips Swedish berries chips ECT. I personalized M&M's that were really cool! We also had all the stuff we made as party snacks!

Our midnight snack was ice-cream sundaes! In the morning when we woke up we had Cinnamon buns French toast and smoothies which were really cool! We also had some fruit.One other thing that was on the display table was a giant hershey chocolate bar!

CAKE since it was a cupcake theme I had decorated cupcakes that had the letters of happy birthday Madeleine and then filled in the spaces with the cupcakes that my friends decorated I made some extra cupcakes to fill in the empty spaces.

FAVOURS - I didn't go that crazy with the favors because we had done/made so much stuff. But I had some double bubble some cream from bath and body works a nail polish and it was in a Free city bag which everyone loved! (They brought all the stuff they made home with them to)  

EXTRA - mostly everything was personalized which was also really cool! I hope you like it and have tons of fun! "

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