Sleepover Party

Sleepover Party -13yr- Deal or No Deal Game




Sleepover Party


Marina in Plano, Texas United States


January 2011


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birthday party this year, I am going to be inviting about 11 girls.

INVITATION: I will be making my invitation on the computer, because I need to email them because my birthday is during the summer. I will make it white, with purple and black decorations on it. Instead of having a theme, I am going to make everything black and purple, my two favorite colors.

DECORATIONS: I will be blowing up lots of purple, black, and white balloons, which I will put around the room, and also tie three together and put them on the top of windows. I will have purple, black, and white streamers, decorating the room in various places.

ACTIVITIES: The girls will arrive around 5:30, and we will talk until everybody arrives. When everybody arrives we will play the icebreaker, Human Bingo. I will create a page with 12 spots that will have a fact, that each person will go around asking people if they are one of the spots. If the fact fits, the person has to sign it. They cannot say, Just sign whichever works. Whoever gets bingo blackout first wins. We will then eat our main course, which is going to be pizza. We will either create the pizza, or make giant soft pretzels.

After we eat, we are going to make flip-flops because my birthday is in summer. I will ask everybody what size they are, and buy them all black flip-flops. Me and my mom will buy either yarn or fabric in neon colors. We will tie the yarn or fabric to the flip-flops.

GAMES: We are going to play Deal or No Deal with prizes. We will have 12 envelopes with numbers 1-12 on them. Inside will be a piece of paper saying the prize. On a poster board we will have 12 post-it notes with the prizes. We will write all the girls names down and then draw the lucky contestant. She will pick an envelope. We will then pass out the other envelopes to the other girls.

It is played like regular deal or no deal, but when the banker calls he offers an amount of candy such as 20 starbursts, or mini hershey bars. Whenever the number is chosen the post-it note comes off the board (so it can be reused). After one girl wins a prize, or makes a deal, the next can go after you change where the prizes are. My prizes will range from a penny, to a mini pillow pet ($10).

Next we will play a relay race with 2 teams. Each girl will run to the table in the breakfast nook and put her hair into a ponytail (all hair must be up unless its too short), run to the kitchen and eat a chip of her choice. She must completely finish chewing before moving to the next step, run to the basket of clothes (breakfast nook) and find a pair of matching socks and put them on, run back to the living room and sing the abcs while spinning in circles, run to the hula hoops and hula hoop while singing twinkle twinkle little star. If the hula hoop drops she must restart. She has to carry a ball to each station, and the next girl goes whenever the ball is given to her.

We will then play other games like What Am I (tape pictures of house-hold and common items suck as a ruler, apple, pencil and the girls have to ask yes or no questions to find out what they are), telephone, truth or dare, etc.

CAKE: We will buy vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes without icing, and buy icing in different colors, and other edible decorations and decorate our own cupcakes.

PARTY SNACKS: We will have diced fruit, veggies, pretzels, and chips throughout the party on a table so guests can take them as they please. We will also have soda, juice, and water available.

FAVORS: I will make goody bags with candy in them, and then they will also have the flip-flops we made.

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