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Sleepover Party


Megan in New Cumberland PA United States


August 2011


Special Mention

For my 14th birthday party, I wanted to go all out, since I didn't really have a 13th birthday party. I was working with a budget of $200 and the party turned out awesome.

For INVITATIONS I found tye dye duct tape on sale at Staples during back to school sales, and I made a duct tape wallet for each guest. Inside the wallets were little dollar bill sized pieces of paper with all of the party information, including that it was a sleepover and that we would be going to the mall but they didn't need to bring any money. I asked everyone on the invitations to bring their wallet to the party. The invitations were about $12 for 3 rolls of duct tape, and the inserts I printed out on the computer.

For DECORATIONS I bought the Slumber Party Deluxe birthday party pack for $28 from Oriental Trading. It includes 8 invitations, 8 plates, 16 napkins, 16 piece hot pink cutlery set, 1 purple plastic table cover, 2 rolls of streamers, hot pink and purple, 12 each of pink and purple balloons, 2 packages of confetti, 1 light pink and 1 hot pink, 12 sticker sheets, 12 two toned neon hair attachments, and 1 autograph pillow case.

So the decoration are just your basic balloons and streamers plus the party plates and stuff for the table. I will also make a banner by using 2 command hooks and tying a clothesline in between them and clipping bags from stoes such as Aeropostale, Hollister, Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, FAO Schwartz, American Girl Place, etc. We will also have a bunch of cool patterned sheets and fabric hanging on the walls in our family room for photo backdrops.

When everyone arrives they will put their stuff away and be guided to the dining room which will be set up with everything to decorate our own tote bags. We have the bags left over from a past party, but you can get 12 for $10 at Oriental Trading. My mom is really into crafting so she should have most of this stuff but we will decorate the bags with fabric markers, faux gems, fake flowers, feathers, buttons, etc pretty much anything that can be hot glued on :) There will be six of us, and three people will get a pink bag, and three people will get a lime green bag. To be fair, bags will be chosen as they arrive. The bags denote which team you will be on for the mall scavenger hunt later. While everyone is decorating their bags we will have either a movie or some cool music pplaying in the backgraund.

When we are done decorating our bags we  will head outside for the next activity, the cash tornado. I will get about 50 dollar store balloons (total cost:$2) and I will put various coins in the balloons. I will put all of the balloons in the trampoline, and each person will have 20 seconds to get as many balloons off the trampoline as they can while blindfolded, while their other team members stand on the ground and have to pop the balloons to get the money inside, also within the 20 second time limit. The money that they get from the cash tornado will aide them in the scavenger hunt. When we're done with this (might take a few rounds) we will go inside and pick team captains. If there is any arguing you can do the thing where they pick names out of a hat. The captain gets a digital camera, $5, a notebook, a pen, and a list of tasks each team must complete. They are responsible for these items.

After team captains are decided, we will hop in the car and head to the mall! When we get to the mall, the first thing we'll do is the scavenger hunt. Each team has to do a series of tasks and must complete sa many tasks as they can within 2 hours. Examples of tasks could be: Take a picture of your team posing next to a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber, Go to Bath and Body Works and buy each team member a hand sanitizer, try on lip gloss at bath and body works, Take a pic of your team wearing funky hats, Take a pic of your team modeling sunglasses, Buy a gumball for each team member and take a pic of each person blowing a bubble, Take a pic in the chairs in front of Hollister, Take a pic of someone on your team wearing a cute dress, etc.

When they are finished with everything they should go to a certain place, such as the little lounge area in front of JCPenny. It’s a good idea to make sure at least one person on each team has their phone with them in case anything happens. When everyone is finished with the scavenger hunt, Give everyone an envelope with $25 cash in it. Tell everyone that their next challenge is to create a fabulous outfit with the money in their envelope. The rule is they have to be with at least one other person with a phone at all times. The other rule is that once someone buys something, it is off limits to any other player (so uyou can't copy people), but if it comes in a different color its OK to buy it, and if you really cant find anything else we might be able to make an exception :) Everyone has 2 hours to put together their outfit. After 2 hours is up we will meet at the couches again. It should be about 7.

When everyone gets there, they will get a bag (like a cheap cellophane one) That they will have to make a spa kit with $5. Their kits must include:something to put on your lips, something to put on your hands, and something to put on your face. This challenge is good for Bath and Body Works, but Forever 21 also has inexpensive cosmetics. Once this challenge is complete (give them like 15-30 minutes) meet at your designated spot. When we all get together we will get into partners and play hide and seek in the mall. Each team will have a phone, and we may limit where you can hide, but this is really fun, me and my friend did it with her sister and her sister's friend once.

Play until everyone has had a chance to be the seeker, then head to the food court and give everyone $5 to get whatever they want for DINNER to take home.when we get home, we will eat dinner while watching a movie. When we're done, we will have our final challenge, get into pairs and give each pair a trash bag full of random stuff like newspaper, other trashbags, foil, tape, duct tape, scissors, string, buttons, fabric scraps, etc. and each person has 20 minutes to design an outfit for their partner. After 20 minutes, switch and give the other person another 20 minutes. When you're done, have a fashion show with family members as the judges. Make sure to take lots of pictures! (Family members can do this as well) When we're done I will have my mom load all of the pictures onto the computer and let everyone pick out a few to take home, and I'll post them all on Facebook after the party.

The rest of the night will be up to us, we'll just chill, watch movies, play truth or dare, light as a feather, stiff as a board, and all the other crazy sleepover games we love. In the morning we'll wake up and have pancakes or something for breakfast, and then we will tye dye shirts that I got on sale at Michaels (tye dye and 6 shirts - $20) jump on the trampoline, play basketball, and just do whatever until everyone's parents come to pick them up.

PARTY FAVORS will be their outfits and spa kits from the mall, plus their pictures, two-toned neon hair attachments, the tye dye shirts, and a sheet of slumber party stickers, all in their bags they decorated the day before. For a cheaper version of this party, you could certainly eliminate the $25 clothes challenge, but I had enough money left over and loved the idea.

This is an awesome teen party idea, I mean what teenage girl doesn't love shopping?!

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