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Sleepover Party


Megan in New Cumberlan PA USA


July 2011


Runner Up

1.Ok, so I’m going to be turning 14 in a few months, and I decided to start planning early to make sure it’s the best party ever! The theme I have thought of for my party is a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun sleepover, including all of the things girls love! I got the idea from the sleepover party kit I saw from Oriental Trading (OTC) This party will be a sleepover, and will be from 3pm on a Saturday to 11 am on a Sunday. I will be ordering the Slumber Party Deluxe Party kit for $28. This includes: 8 invitations, 8 plates, 16 napkins, 16 piece hot pink cutlery set, 1 purple plastic table cover, 2 rolls of streamers, hot pink and purple, 12 each of pink and purple balloons, 2 packages of confetti, 1 light pink and 1 hot pink, 12 sticker sheets, 12 two toned neon hair attachments, and 1 autograph pillow case. For invitations, I will most likely use the ones in the kit. The invitations will say all the normal invitation stuff plus to bring extra money they want to use at the mall.

For decorations I will be using decorations from the kit, and I will also be putting various bags from different stores (Aeropostale, Old Navy, Hollister, American Girl Place, FAO Schwartz, Forever 21, etc) on a clothes line type thing, almost like a banner. When everyone arrives they will take their stuff and put it in the playroom in the walk in closet so it’s out of the way. I will give everyone a pink or green tote bag to put their stuff in. This designates which team they will be on. (They will be blindfolded and the bags will all be in a big Aeropostale bag) for the dance contest later. I will make duct tape wallets ahead of time in cool colors (like zebra, peace sign, tie dye, etc) which they will also pick, this time out of a smaller Hollister bag, designating what team they will be on for the mall scavenger hunt. Each person will be blindfolded with a sleep mask made from the pattern on

Then we will go to our first activity, which will be the cash tornado. I will fill balloons with $10 in quarters. The balloons will be on our trampoline, and each person will have 10 seconds to get as many balloons off the trampoline as possible, and anything they get off (up over the net) they can keep to spend at the mall.

Our next activity will be tie dying t-shirts.  I got 6 of adult medium shirts at Michaels on sale for $2 each, and a tie-dye kit for $6 using the 40% off coupon. When we are done making our shirts we will all pile in to our suburban, which can fit 8 people (so the 6 of us plus my mom or dad) and we will head to our local mall. When we get there, we will be doing a scavenger hunt type thing around the mall. There will be teams of 2 and a list of everything they must do.

Each team will get a bag with a disposable camera, $10, a notepad, a pen, and coupons printed off the computer; two of each (these will be in little envelopes) so people can use them when they’re done to go shopping. I will go to the mall a few days before with tasks to complete, such as: find a cutout of Justin Bieber and take a picture with it, buy 2 things from Claire’s for under $5 each (keep the receipt and bag as proof) Buy 2 gumballs and take a pic of both girls blowing a bubble, go to Aeropostale and take a pic of you in the dressing room wearing an outfit, nothing you’re wearing can be yours, go to bath and body works and try on lip gloss, lotion, perfume, etc. and take a pic in the bathroom with your best model poses ( can use the smell test hehe to see if they did it or not), go to Old Navy and take a picture with the mannequins at the front of the store, etc. when they are done with these tasks they are to report back to my mom who they can call to see where she is in the mall.

She will make sure they did everything, and then she will give each team $10 and will tell them that they need to buy something to make my boring tank top and skinny jeans outfit more fabulous. (such as a cool shirt, jewelry, etc. This part won’t have a time limit. They then have to take a picture of each of them wearing anything they got for me. If they need me to try something on they can call me on my cell, but we’re all about the same size anyways, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I will be on a team too, so I’ll just let the girl on my team pick something out and I may give a few helpful suggestions ;) When we’re all done we will meet somewhere like the food court or something, and when we’re all there we will all just go shopping for like an hour, and then we will meet at the food court again to go home. When we get back we will be rushed to our dressing room (the playroom) and we’ll all change into clothes that we got at the mall. I’ll be in the winning outfit.

Then we’ll go outside in groups of 3, while the other 3 take pictures with the disposable cameras. Then we’ll switch and the paparazzi will be the models and vise versa. Then we’ll get a group picture on my digital camera. After that we will go inside and make our own pizzas! We will get one of those Chef Boyardee or whatever pizza kits and we will have a pizza design contest (like you can make the crust a weird shape like a cat or a flower or you can make a picture out of veggies and pepperoni or something.) My sister will judge this contest, and we will take pics of the pizza before we eat it if it looks cool. While the pizza is cooking we will split up into 2 teams of 3 and each team will have to create and rehearse a dance to a song of their choice on a CD that I will burn in the 30 minute time limit. After 30 minutes we will get together and each team will perform a dance, also on video :P For this some good songs would be hip-hop songs like iHip-Hop by JMC, Imma Be, My Boyfriend’s Back, Watch Me by Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, etc.

My parents and sister will be the judges of this. The winners will each get a copy of the CD. After this it should be about 7:30 or 8, and our pizzas should be done. We will judge and eat our pizzas along with veggies and dip, fruit, and sodas like diet coke, coke, diet rootbeer, pepsi, etc. While we are eating dinner, my mom will go to like Rite Aid (since its close to our house) or somewhere to get the pictures developed. It should be about dark by then, so we will go outside and split into teams and play man hunt and hide and seek in my backyard. This should last an hour or 2. Make sure everyone has a flash light to do this. We will also provide glow in the dark sunglasses from OTC. When we go inside, we will be spit into yet another different set of 3 person teams (picked out of a hat) and each team will pick an imaginary movie title and create a 10-15 minute movie based on the title. They will have 30 minutes to create and rehearse, and 15 minutes to perform it. When we are done with this it should be around 11 or so.

Then we will play some sleepover classics, like Light-as-a-feather, Stiff-as-a-board. This is one of the funniest games to play and goes in this way: 6 people play. They pick a center" to lay on the floor face up and each of the other 5 gather around them. Two people take mid-calf one on each side Two people take mid back/chest one on each side and one person sits behind the head. Each person extends the first two fingers on each hand and slips them underneath the center. All close their eyes. They start to chant "Light as a feather Stiff as a board. Light as a feather Stiff as a board. Light as a feather Stiff as a board" over and over while trying to lift the center person without losing their concentration. Usually this works! *grins* But don't distract the center or else the balance will be lost and they may get dropped.

Once everyone has had a turn at being the center we will move on to the next game which will be truth or dare. When we are finished playing truth or dare it should be about midnight. We will grab some popcorn and soda and pick a movie to watch with a girly theme like uptown girls mean girls etc. While we are watching the movie I will give everyone a slumber party diary ($5 for 12 on sale) from OTC. We will divide pictures accordingly and each person will get a sheet of slumber party stickers from the kit a sheet of dance sticker ($2 for 12 on sale) from OTC 6 Happy Bunny Stickers from a roll of 100 from Amazon ($9) and any other cute cheaper sticker I come across. They will also each get their own glue stick and scissors (back to school sales) and we will make scrapbooks of the party. I will also have old magazines available for the girls to cut stuff out of. When the movie is over and we are finished with our scrapbooks if we’re not all asleep we will just let the party flow play some more games and just enjoy it! When we wake up (I’m guessing around 10:30) we will eat breakfast (cereal and milk and fruit-nothing fancy) and everyone will pack up their stuff and by then I’m guessing their parents will be there to pick them up.

Party Favors: Everyone will take home their t-shirt bag wallet sleep mask scrapbook thing from Claire’s a two toned neon hair extension glow in the dark sunglasses and any other prizes won throughout the night. They will also obviously take home anything they bought with their own money at the mall. This party is relatively low cost even though money is involved a lot throughout the party. The slumber party kit from OTC was $28 the sleepover diaries are $5 3 rolls of duct tape is $9 at Michaels with 3 40% off coupons $10 in quarters for the cash tornado game $18 for the tie dye and shirts $15 for 3 disposable cameras unless I can get them cheaper $60 for the mall hunt $2 for dance stickers $9 for happy bunny stickers  $10 for food and drinks since we usually have most of the stuff and $2 for 50 balloons from the dollar store. The tote bags and sunglasses I have left over from a previous party. In all this party costs about $160 but when spread out over a few months really isn’t that much and I guarantee this will be a fabulous party! "

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