Sleepover Party

Cupcake Wars Sleepover -14yr- Sweet Cupcakes




Sleepover Party


Mia in Worcester, MA, USA


June 2011



For my party when I turned 14, I wanted to invite 3 girls to come sleepover at my Cape Cod house, about 1 1/2 hours from where I live. Because of this, I couldn't decorate, so I came up with fun ways to make everything fun and get it to look like an actual party.   

INVITES: My mom owns a cupcake company, so we baked some of my favorite flavor, stuck them in individual boxes with a sticker saying all the party details, and played ding-dong ditch with them.   

CUPCAKE WARS: I really wanted a Cupcake Wars game, but the kitchen in my Cape house is too small, so we decided to play before we went and eat the cupcakes there. I'm really good at all things computer, so I recorded and edited a video that looks exactly like the Cupcake Wars intro, except I was the host, and my mom, my sister, and her friend Kristina were judges. We had a taste, presentation, and display challenge.  The judges sat at a table in the living room, which is right off of the kitchen.

We split into 2 groups of 2. For the taste presentation,  you got a pre-mixed batter of White Cake, and some ingredients that you would put into a dump cake. The challenge was to make a cupcake using some of my favorite foods: Chocolate chips, Andes Mints, peppermint sticks, cinnamon, bananas, apples, cookies, cake crumbs, chocolate syrup, M&Ms, Heath Bar crumbles, and Crunch Bar crumbles.

Everyone put what they thought would make the best cupcake inside the mix and baked six of each, so there were 12 total. They then decorated the cupcake using either Vanilla buttercream or Chocolate buttercream and the same mix-ins. The judges graded each one on Originality, Flavor, and Use Of Ingredients (you had to use at least 3) on a scale from 1-10.  

For the Presentation round, we added lots more mix-ins, and they had to bake 3 kinds of cupcakes, 4 each. They had to decorate as best as they could. The judges graded the cupcakes again, but this time they also had to grade on Presentation.  

For the display challenge, you took the remaining cupcakes, a plastic display, cardboard, glitter, markers, glue, and a whole bunch of other craft supplies and they had to decorate the display as best as they could and present each one.

The winning team each got a $10 Visa gift card and a shower cap. They put on the shower cap and the losing team got to decorate their heads with the rest of the ingredients.  We then packed up the cupcakes and displays and my mom drove us to the Cape. 

CAPE: We got to Cape Cod and got food at my favorite buffet and ate our cupcakes. Then we went back to the house and had a decorating competition. Each team from our Cupcake Wars game got a whole bunch of decorating supplies and we got an hour to decorate one floor of the house, but not the kitchen or my parent's room. The winning team each got a $10 dollar Visa gift card. I opened presents, then we hung out, went mini golfing and go-karting, then went to the fish hatchery, which is really cool. Then we came went to bed in the basement.   

The next morning we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We walked down to the pond and fed the ducks some stale bread we left out all night. We walked around Hyannis, and they picked out a hermit crab for me. Then we drove home and dropped everyone off at their house.   

It was a great party!

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