Sleepover Party

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Sleepover Party


Laura in Dublin, Ireland


June 2011



For my 13th Birthday I had a joined party with my best friend as our birthdays our only a week apart.

INVITATION: We decided not to do invitations and just rang all of our friends and texted them all of the things they would need as invitations are just so expensive.

ACTIVITIES: We met our guests at a make-up studio around the corner from my friends house where we got a lesson and then put make-up on each other. It was great fun and we all got goody bags with make-up etc. If you think a lesson in a make-up studio is too expensive you could always do the same thing at home. You could do each others make-up, hair, nails and facials etc. Like a mini spa!

After the lesson we walked to our friends house (it was really close) and there we opened presents and had pizza, chicken strips, wedges, cocktail sausages and of course a chocolate birthday cake with Happy 13th Birthday _____ and _____" on it. The candles on the cake were shaped like handbags and puppies and high heels!

DECORATIONS: For decorations we had a pink green and blue tablecloth covred in butterflies and confetti all around the table. The confetti was shaped like handbags and high heels in hot pink. The centerpiece was a tree with hanging lollipops and candy canes. We had pink and green cups and knives and forks and the plates were a sparkly pink with a blue napkin. The place looked GREAT!

My friend had balloons everywhere in different colours with '13' 'Birthday Girl' and 'Teenager at last'! We also burned a cd of all our favourite songs and played that while we were eating. After the party we went back to my house.

First of all our guests were given mock cocktails such as pink champagne and strawberry surprise. To make strawberry surprise blend strawberries and orange juice and add lime cordial and caster sugar. Serve in coctail glasses with coloured straws and paper umbrellas. We went up to my room and put our pyjamas on and did facials and painted eachothers nails.

We then came downstairs and made ice-cream sundaes. You put strawberries at the bottom and then add chocolate strawberry and vannila ice cream drizzle in strawberry sauce and decorate with chocolate chips and hundreds and thousands. We then went into my sitting room and watched 'The Lovely Bones' and '13 Going on 30'.

PARTY SNACKS: For snacks we had tortillas and salsa dips sweets chocolate and drinks.

FAVOURS: After the movies we went up to my room and I gave everyone their goody bags which consisted of lipgloss eyeshadow facials sleeping masks body spray sunglasses bangles and lovehearts and other sweets. We then gossiped and talked played games played on our nintendos read magazines.

GAMES: We played games such as blindfold makeovers chocaholics where there is a bar of chocolate gloves. Hat scarf knife and fork in the centre of the room and everyone sits in a circle and rolls a dice. The first one to roll a six puts on the glove, hat and scarf and tries to cut and eat as much chocolate as she can until the next person rolls a six scavenger hunt where you get into teams and each team gets a scissors and some magazines and a list with items they must cut out such as 'Britney Spears mascara heart shampoo footballer etc' and the first team to get everything gets a prize.

In the morning we had a breakfast of cereals, toast, blueberry muffins, pancakes and different juices. Then we all got ready and watched t.v. until everyone was collected around 11.30. It was a great night and our friends are always saying it's the best party they have ever been to! I really hope I have you some good ideas and that you have a great birtday!!"

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