Sleepover Party

Ice Skating Orange Sleepover -13- Orange Scavenger Hunt




Sleepover Party


Svetlana in Providence, Rhode Island, USA


June 2011



It was my 13th birthday a week ago, and I wanted to do something unique, and exciting. I looked on this site for days, which trust me, inspires ideas. Since I love skating, and orange is my favorite color, so I incorporated those two into a sleepover. Confusing, but we had a BLAST! 

INVITATION:  We chose an orange font and wrote, Orange you happy it's S's 13th birthday? We wrote all the party details, and to bring warm clothes for ice skating. We also stated that the person with the most orange on, wins a prize. 

DECORATIONS: we rolled out an orange paper carpet, instead of a red carpet from the front door. (more on that later). We decorated the garage door, with orange letters, Happy birthday Svetlana!" on a giant custom banner. We of course stocked up on balloons streamers and pretty orange flowers for the table centerpiece.

There were orange pillows and blankets where we would sleep and my idea to sleep in a tent didn't work. If the tent thing is fine with your family decorate the outside and insides with streamers and orange sleeping stuff. We also had orange utensils plates cups and forks. We also hung up orange paper lanterns.

CAKE and FOOD: for the food we had Chinese food and extra snacks like orange cheetos sodas  etc.  For the cake we ordered a three-tiered orange topsy turvy cake that was all different patterns and  shades of orange. It was amazing! We had that with orange sherbet. The girls loved that one.

THE PARTY: I invited 12 girls and two of my guy friends to go to the skating part. 5 slept over and the rest got picked up at our house. We played cool music as the girls came in. Once each girl came through the door they had to walk down the 'orange' carpet and we took videos of each guest.

While we waited for everyone guests munched on snacks and guessed how many oranges were in a covered container. My mom bought a container that could only fit one orange to trick girls. We wrote on an orange next to it to guess for how many. All the girls said one but my mom really opened up the orange and put orange slices  in it. This was a hit!

Once everyone was there we did games and stuff. Pin the leaf on the orange making orange felt uglydolls decorating orange flip flops orange toss and orange juice chugging contest. We then had our best game of all. An orange scavenger hunt! We listed orange things and sent the girls on a hunt around the neighborhood. In order to have completed the hunt each girl on the team had to put on their skating clothes and they must have had something orange on. This was a hit an the prize was orange candy. It was time to go to the rink.

We had booked a party room and a late-night session. So it was from 7-10 that the girls skated. We of course stopped at 7:30 to eat cake and dinner and open presents in the party room. When we got home by 10:50 or so my mom handed each girl a special orange favor bag. It not only had the party favors but matching orange pjs for us to wear! We watched random movies and did each other's nails with different shades of orange.

By 3 we were piled up in our sleeping bags and talked till 4. My mom told us that we could sleep in until 1:00 the next morning so she let us stay up til 4. But always make sure your party ends at a late afternoon time to avoid teenage grumpiness or mad parents. We sent each girl home with all of their prizes station crafts pjs and a special CD.

Everyone loved my party and I know you will too! "

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