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Sleepover Party


Megan in New Cumberland PA USA


September 2011


Runner Up

I’m going to be turning 14 in a few months, and I decided to start planning early to make sure it’s the best party ever! The theme I have thought of for my party is a Mall scavenger hunt /sleepover. I got the idea from the sleepover party kit I saw from Oriental Trading (OTC) This party will be a sleepover, and will be from 2pm on a Saturday to 2pm on a Sunday. I will be ordering the Slumber Party Deluxe Party kit for $28. This includes: 8 INVITATIONS, 8 plates, 16 napkins, 16 piece hot pink cutlery set, 1 purple plastic table cover, 2 rolls of streamers, hot pink and purple, 12 each of pink and purple balloons, 2 packages of confetti, 1 light pink and 1 hot pink, 12 sticker sheets, 12 two toned neon hair attachments, and 1 autograph pillow case For invitations, I found cute credit card invitations online that I will put together in duck tape wallets. All of the usual party info will be included along with the information that it is also a sleepover. I will also include an instruction for them to be ready with their favorite dance song when they RSVP.

For DECORATIONS I will be using decorations from the kit, and I will also be putting various bags from different stores (Aeropostale, Old Navy, Hollister, American Girl Place, FAO Schwartz, Forever 21, etc) on a clothes line type thing, almost like a banner.

I will have a SNACK bar set out throughout the evening with things like veggies and dip, fruit, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, drinks, etc. so people can just help themselves. When everyone arrives they will take their stuff and put it in the playroom in the walk in closet so it’s out of the way. I will give everyone a pink or green tote bag to put their stuff in. This designates which team they will be on. (They will be blindfolded and the bags will all be in a big Aeropostale bag) for the scavenger hunt later. Each person will be blindfolded with a sleep mask. Then we will go to our first activity, which will be the cash tornado. I will fill balloons with $10 in quarters. The balloons will be on our trampoline, and each person will have 10 seconds to get as many balloons off the trampoline as possible, and anything they get off (up over the net) they can keep to spend at the mall. The person who gets the most money for their team in this game will be the team captain for the mall scavenger hunt. Our next activity will be tie dying t-shirts.  I got 6 of adult medium shirts at Michaels on sale for $2 each, and a tie-dye kit for $6 using the 40% off coupon.

When we are done making our shirts we will all pile in to our suburban, which can fit 8 people (so the 6 of us plus my mom or dad) and we will head to our local mall. When we get there, we will be doing a scavenger hunt type thing around the mall. There will be teams of 2 and a list of everything they must do. Each team will get a bag with a digital camera, $10, a notepad, a pen, and coupons printed off the computer; three of each (these will be in little envelopes) so people can use them when they’re done to go shopping. I will go to the mall a few days before with tasks to complete, such as: find a cutout of Justin Bieber and take a picture with it,) Buy 3 gumballs and take a pic of all girls blowing a bubble, go to Aeropostale and take a pic of you in the dressing room wearing an outfit, nothing you’re wearing can be yours, go to bath and body works and write your name on your hand with any cosmetic (it has to show up), go to Old Navy and take a picture with the mannequins at the front of the store, Try on a prom dress and take a team picture of everyone in their dresses, Take a pic of your team wearing funky hats, Go to the food court and get a drink for everyone to share (each get a straw) and take a pic of your team drinking, Take a pic of your whole team in a bathroom stall, bonus points if someone sits on the toilet,

Buy a hand sanitizer for each team member, Get a napkin in the food court, Find a coupon to a store of your choice, Try on the highest heels you can find and take a team pic, Take a team pic in the chairs in front of Hollister, Take a pic of someone from you team on a kiddie ride (bonus if u can get all team members on and ask a stranger to take a pic), buy everyone some jewelry for $2 or less, Take a pic of everyone in ballet shoes pretending to be a ballerina (bonus if all girls are en pointe), Team pic wearing HUGE bras over your clothes, take a pic with something hilarious and inappropriate at spencer’s, A team member posing with a mannequin both dressed the same, team Wearing big sunglasses, etc. when they are done with these tasks they are to report back to my mom who they can call to see where she is in the mall. She will make sure they did everything, and then she will give each person $15 and will tell them that they need to be as thrifty with their money as possible to buy a shirt, an item of jewelry, and a cosmetic item, plus anything else with their money left over, but they only have 1 hour. This will be part of their GOODY BAGS.

When we’re all done we will meet at Bath and Body Works where we will try on all the different make up and get glammed up before all cramming into the photo booth together. Then we will have our final challenge, which will be each team gets an hour to get as much free stuff (only 1 of each item) as possible in an hour, the team with the most stuff wins. Then we will drive home. When we get there we will do each others nails (with a glow in the dark top coat for those who want it) and after that we will go into the kitchen and make our own pizzas!

We will get one of those Chef Boyardee or whatever PIZZA kits and we will have a pizza design contest (like you can make the crust a weird shape like a cat or a flower or you can make a picture out of veggies and pepperoni or something.) My sister will judge this contest, and we will take pics of the pizza before we eat it if it looks cool. While the pizza is cooking we will split up into 2 teams of 3 and each team will have to create and rehearse a dance to a song of their choice on a CD (with the dance songs they rsvp’d with plus a few of my favorites)  that I will burn in the 30 minute time limit. After 30 minutes we will get together and each team will perform a dance that someone from the other team will videotape. For this some good songs would be hip-hop songs like iHip-Hop by JMC, Imma Be, My Boyfriend’s Back, Watch Me by Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, etc. My parents and sister will be the judges of this. Everyone will get a copy of the CD plus the winners will get like lip gloss or something. After this it should be about 7:30 or 8, and our pizzas should be done. We will judge and eat our pizzas along with veggies and dip, fruit, and sodas like diet coke, coke, diet rootbeer, pepsi, etc.

After dinner we will do a project runway design CHALLENGE where we get into teams of two and each team has a paper bag (like a Giant bag) filled with 2 white plastic trashbags, 1 black plastic trash bag, a roll of toilet paper, some newspaper, paper plates and bowls, duct tape, glue scissors, etc. And there will be a table with embellishments people can use such as buttons, feathers, markers, crayons, glitter, streamers, etc. Each person has 20 minutes to design an outfit for one member of the team, and after 20 minutes we switch and judge. We will take pictures of everyone in their ensembles. When we are done with that we will take pictures in the photo booth that I will set up by hanging a colorful sheet on a wall and I will have a box of dress-up clothes and accessories along with a speech bubble chalk board, made by cutting out a speech bubble shape from a thin piece of wood, then painting it with a few coats of chalkboard paint, so we can hold it up and it will look like we’re saying something if we write something on the board with chalk. It should be about dark by then, so we will have a glow in the dark dance party!! Each person will get a pair of glow sunglasses, some glow bracelets, and we will paint our nails with a top coat of glow nail polish beforehand when we paint our nails. When we go inside, we will be spit into yet another different set of 3 person teams (picked out of a hat) and each team will have to create and act out a movie based on the title given to them. They will have 30 minutes to rehearse, and then we will perform them. These will be videotaped as well. When we are done with this it should be around 11 or so.

Then we will play this game I found that looks like it would be fun: Pass It On: This games is a slight variation of an old game known as 'passing the parcel'. Have your guests sit in a circle and then put on some soft music. Ask the participants to keep passing the soft toy along the circle, till the music stops. Stop the music at any random time. The one who was holding the soft toy at the moment the music stopped, is the defaulter. Announce a punishment for her. You can vary this game by using a pillow as a parcel. You can even tag the soft toy or the pillow with chits that have punishments written on them. Playing this game in the dark, makes it even more exciting. Yes, switch off the lights in your room and let the music begin! When we are finished playing it should be about midnight. We will grab some popcorn and soda and pick a movie to watch with a girly theme, like uptown girls, mean girls, etc. When it’s over if we’re not asleep we will just let the party flow, play some more games, and just enjoy it! When we wake up (I’m guessing around 12 or 1, depending on how late we stay up) we will eat breakfast (cereal and milk and fruit-nothing fancy) and everyone will pack up their stuff and by then I’m guessing their parents will be there to pick them up, but if not we'll just chill and play more games.

PARTY FAVORS: everyone will take home their t-shirt, bag, sleep mask, a two toned neon hair extension, glow in the dark sunglasses, their stuff from the mall, the CD and any other prizes won throughout the night.

For THANK YOU NOTES I will put all of the pictures and videos from that night onto a DVD for each guest. The pictures will be put on in like a slide show with music the individual guest picked. There will be a label on the front of the DVD case saying Thanks for coming to Megan’s 14th Birthday Party! and there will be a personal note on the inside where it would like tell you about the movie. This party is relatively low cost, even though money is involved a lot throughout the party. The slumber party kit from OTC was $28, duct tape is $9 at Michaels with 3 40% off coupons, $10 in quarters for the cash tornado game, $18 for the tie dye and shirts, $90 for the mall hunt,  $10 for food and drinks, since we usually have most of the stuff, and $2 for 50 balloons from the dollar store. The tote bags, DVDs and sunglasses I have left over from a previous party. In all, this party costs about $149, but when spread out over a few months, really isn’t that much, and I guarantee this will be a fabulous party!

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