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Sleepover Party


Kate in Australia


February 2012


Special Mention

For my birthday I've decided to have a pajama sleepover party with 5 people, including me. It's a little expensive but that's because it's my birthday present. We're going to go to a Mexican restaurant and then everyone will sleepover.

INVITATIONS: for the invites I got some little teddy bears, face towels, tooth brushes and paste, face masks and lots of ribbon. I got the towels and wrapped up all the other things in it and then tied it to the bear. Around the bears neck was the invite saying: Come to Kate's 15th birthday party. Come in your pajamas. Bring your bears!! Then all the details.

DECORATIONS:  I'm going to get lots of balloons and throw them all over the lounge room floor. Then I'm going to have fairy lights and lanterns all over the roof. I also got some glow in the dark stars for the roof. Some of the fairy lights will hang down over the door like a curtain. I'm going to have streamers and when my friends arrive we'll have a streamer fight. I'm also going to have stations set up where we will do different activities.

ACTIVITIES: They will arrive at 4:30 and the lounge room will be set up like a spa. We'll do our facial masks while we have relaxation music playing and incense burning and some people can have a foot massage. Then everyone will get their nails and hair done in a very crazy way. Then we'll do each others makeup also in a crazy way. When we leave the house we'll get given our spa packs from the spa. Which will include, a bath bomb, a nail art pen, a cute notebook, a fold up hair brush, lip gloss and a pedicure set. Then because limos are too expensive we'll set up the car to be like a mini limo (our car has 7 seats). There will be balloons tied to the roof and inside there will be pillows and blankets and bean bags. There will be an esky in the front with juice boxes and cupcakes for the ride. We'll drive into town and go to the Mexican restaurant.

After we eat we'll go to time zone and get a photo shoot in one of the photo booths. Then we'll drive back in the mini limo and stop at the video store. Everyone will pick out their favorite movies to watch. We'll come back to the house and we'll have cake and open presents. The lounge room will be set up like a disco. I'll have my laptop connected to the speakers which will play music and their will be a disco ball. Everyone will leave the disco with a disco pack like from the spa only with a disco key chain, a CD with all our favorite songs and some glow sticks. Then everyone will get into their bathers and go into the pool. When we get out of the pool the lounge room will be a cinema. We'll watch one of the movies that we picked out. There will be a candy bar with popcorn and different toppings like cheese, cinnamon, icing sugar and salt and different types of lollies and chocolate.

Everyone will leave the cinema with a party bag with lollies, extra popcorn, a movie ticket and some gel pens. Then we'll go into the kitchen and everyone will make sundaes and/or spiders. Which we will eat in the kitchen. When we go back into the lounge room and we'll do some crafts. I'm going to buy some cheep baby clothes from the op-shop and we'll dress up our bears and stick on some fabric stickers, which I bought at spot-light. Then we'll play some games and the winner of the games will get to pick their spot to sleep. Then we'll fall asleep watching movies. Everyone will wake up the next day and if it’s a nice day we'll go to the beach, and then everyone's parents will come and pick them up.

GAMES: sleeping bag find: one person leaves the room and everyone gets into a sleeping bag then the person comes back in and tries to guess who's in what bag. Truth or dare, spotlight, Wii party, Marco polo (in the dark and in the pool).

COSTUMES:  Everyone will wear their craziest pajamas and I'll wear my giraffe onesie.

SNACK/FOOD:  At the spa everyone will get fruit and veggies with dip and also juice. In the limo everyone with get juice and cupcakes. At the restaurant we're just going to share some different things. At the disco there will be cookies shaped like disco balls and there will be rainbow jelly cups and strawberry milk. At the cinema there will be the candy bar (read above). When we're doing crafts there will be any left-over snacks from all the other bits. There will also be pastry scrolls, maybe a chocolate fountain and some chips for extra snacks for when we do the games and when we're watching the other movies.

CAKE: I love giraffes so I'm making two separate round cakes, one for the head and the other for ears and nose and stuff. Them I'm going to ice it with yellow icing and put lots of chocolate sprinkles on it.

FAVORS:  Everyone will get all of their party bags and any extra snacks left over will be put into some other bags and everyone will get a balloon and inside the balloon will be some lollies. And at school one day everyone will get a CD with some videos on it and some photos from the party.  It's going to be a really great party, just make sure that you make party bags for yourself as well as everyone else because you want to remember the night as well.

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