Sleepover Party

Boat Sleepover Party -13yr- Pool & Fooseball




Sleepover Party


Cassidy in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States


February 2010



My birthday is coming up, so I decided to plan a little bit early. For starters, I'm going to pick up my friends at 10:00 AM and we'll drive down to visit the marina my family's boat's at.

As invitations, I will make balloons and stuff the invitation inside it and go to each person's house (they are all pretty close to each other so it's in walking distance). The invitation will say You are cordially invited to Cassidy's Sweet 13".

When I pick them up the car will be filled with cool nightclub music and Shirley Temple's (my favorite drink) and soda. Since it will take 45 minutes to get there we will watch a bunch of Youtube videos on my laptop. When we get there we will have all of my friends that are already at the boat join us in the club house where we will play pool, fooseball and eat lunch. Each of the foods will be from a different family. In all that would be about 30 types of foods (lunch and dessert).

Some of the foods that my family makes are mud pie (chocolate pudding with gummy worms bery good mmm) and pork chops.

After we eat lunch we will play games (so the food digests) like Tug a War a Pinata in the shape of a dolphin (since we are by the ocean) HORSE (a game with the basketball and all that) vollyball tournaments (parents vs. teens) and a three-legged race.

After that we'll be going to the marina's pool where 5 chairs will already be marked down (favor from friends) and the local band will be playing. That will take about 3-4 hours.

Once it gets dark and the pool closes we will dry off and go to the night party on our dock where we will have dinner and my birthday cake which will probably be a giant pink cake decorated with blue waves and yellow sand by my local cake maker. We will also open presents. Plus we will set off fireworks and watch my favorite movie 'Twilight'.

Later that night we will go down to the playground and play "Man Hunt" which is basically midnight tag and then make a bonfire and roast marshmellows and hot dogs. Then we will go back to the boat and have a normal sleepover just like any other person's sleepover. 

THE NEXT DAY: The next day we will eat breakfast which will be crepes (flat French pancakes) with syrup and jam. We will then shower and chill out on the deck of the boat. That day we will get back into our bathing suits and we will go tubing and we'll float over to the nearest island Cedar Island. We will then party on the beach and walk on the sanddunes which are pretty cool because you can't sink since the water isn't high enough (this has to be done in low tide so I don't know if this activity is certain).

After that we will head back and drive back home in time for dinner. This will be the best birthday bash ever!!! : ) Thanks for reading! "

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