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Fantastic Sleepover Party -13yr- Who Am I Game




Sleepover Party


Annie in San Jose, CA, U.S.A


March 2010


Honorable Mention

Planning my 13th Birthday Party seemed like the hardest thing on Earth, but I finally pulled it off and had a blast! I first had a traditional home party with 15 girls, and then I invited 4 of my closest friends to the mall, and we came back to my house for a sleepover. This is what I did for my home party:  

Invitations - Invitations are your preference, but make sure they are sophisticated. Your friends want to feel like they're being invited to an awesome party. NEVER buy the tacky invitations with multicolored balloons on the front that says, You're Invited!" in large black letters. TACKY! I decided to make my own invitations. I started off with glittery pink construction paper and folded it in half. Then I wrote 'A Special Invitation' on the front with black sharpie. (If you don't have neat handwriting type it up.) Then I added a small green ribbon on the bottom of the card. I ended up with a pretty elegant invitation.  

Deorations - For my decorations I picked two colors; light blue and orange. After that I bought blue and orange balloons streamers even blue and orange cups and plates! Make sure your decorations look classy and fun. I topped off the decorations with blue and orange tablebcloth. Try my ideas with two of your favorite colors. I guarantee your room will look amazing! :-) 

Activited and Games - For a 13th birthday party you want to have some form of enetertainment that is age appropriate. Instead of just putting on music I planned out some games. We first played a game called 'How Well Do You Know The Birthday Girl?' I came up with questions like "What's my favorite color" or "Who do I like?" and had the girls write down their answer on a peice of paper. I gave bracelets to the people that had the most correct.

Then we played a game called "Who Am I?" I taped a peice of paper to everyone's back that had a name on it like Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus. After that the girls came up one by one and asked yes or no questions to guess what they were. We had a lot of fun! Lastly we had a scavenger hunt. I put common household items on the list like paper clips and thumbtacks. Then the girls split up into two groups and went door-to-door around my neighborhood in search of the items. The team that got all the items first won lipgloss and perfume.

The last thing we did was make our own pizzas! It was very fun. I had bought pizza dough from Lucky's and then I rolled it out into a flat wide circle. At the party the girls split up into three groups each one working on their own pizza. I had little dishes of pizza sauce cheese pepperoni and other vegetables. We left the pizza to bake. It only took about 20 minutes and they tasted delicious! :-)For the rest of the time we danced to music had cake and lastly I opened my presents.  

Party Snacks And Cake - I asked my friends what snacks they liked and observed what they brought to lunch each day. I came to the conclusion that most of my friends liked sour cream and onion Pringles pretzels Hot cheetos chocolate cookies and cut up fruit. I bought these snacks and put them in large bowls and set them on the dining table so anyone could take it when they wanted to.

I also bought a chocolate fountain (it's a little pricey!) and put bananas strawberries cookies and marshmallows around it. Everyone enjoyed dipping the snacks in chocolate. :-) For drinks I left out Hawaiian punch water Fanta Sprite and Pepsi. 

For my cake I again went with the orange and blue theme. I had the frosting done in light orange and put little orange polka dots of cream around the cake. The cake was made with vanilla batter with cream cheese frosting in the middle. I also added some small sprinkles in the middle of the cake. I served the cake with either vanilla or chocolate ice-cream.  

Favors - I bought small orange and blue striped bags for the party favors. I didn't want to put tacky pencils or erasers or candy in the bags. I bought small tubes of flavored lip gloss scented lotion nail polish and headbands for each bag. All my friends loved the party favors. 

All in all my party turned out to be a great success. I hope you liked my ideas and I hope that you use them to make your party super special. So have a great party and I hope my ideas helped!   "

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