Sleepover Party

Sleepover Party -13yr- Spin the Nail Color




Sleepover Party


Amanda in Pennsylvania, USA


April 2010



I am having a birthday party in one week for my 13th birthday and i hope it's really fun. I put together this party with some ideas from this website, and some ideas of my own. im having it bigger than my birthdays ive had before because i'm turning 13 :)!. I am hoping everything will go like this;

INVITATIONS~ I sent out an email to my 10 closest friends last week saying the date, time, and what to bring.

DECORATIONS~ I bought a lot of balloons that are lime green and pink and i will have some w/ helium and some without.

ACTIVITIES AND GAMES~ For activities, we'll be playing some games. We will be playing a game where there are all different colors of nail polish, and one empty bottle in the middle. each person will take turns spinning it and whick ever color it points to, they will paint one nail that color. We will also be playing games like truth or dare and charades.

PARTY SNACKS~ I thought of a really cool idea for my party. I will have a Mocktail hour. A mocktail is like a cocktail but with no alcohol. I will have plastic martini glasses on a table filled with pina coladas and shirley temples. We will also have pizza, chips, popcorn, cupcakes, and water ice.

CAKE~ For my cake, I am buying a plain white round cake at a bakery and decorating it myself with bright colored candles, icing, and on top it will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!.

THE PARTY!~ First, when people get to my house on friday, we will just talk and have snacks until everone is there. then, we will play the nail polish game. after we are done that, we will eat pizza, wings, and mozzarella sticks for dinner.

After dinner, I will open my presents. Then, we will have mocktail hour :). During this, we will eat snacks, talk, and drink mocktails in my living room and kitchen. After that, everyone will pick one partner and we will do eachother;s hair and makeup. During everything we do, we'll take ahlot of pictures.

After the makeovers, we will eat cake and sing happy birthday. By this time, hopefully it will be around 8:00. then, we will go outside and play freedom around my neighborhood.

After we go back inside, we'll watch movies until most people are picked up. Only 4 of my friends are sleeping over. After everyone else leaves, we will continue watching movies and eating ice cream sundaes. Eventually, we will fall asleep. The next morning, me and the 4 girls are going out to breakfast with my mom.

After that, we will go back to my house and hang out for a little while. At around noon, 3 of them will leave and me and my other friend who is staying will go to the mall so I can spend some of my birthday money and giftcards. This friend will leave later, and this will be the end of my party.

:( I hope you will use this idea for your party! :)

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