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Sleepover Party


Rachie in Canada


May 2010


Special Mention

This sleepover party I had for my 14th birthday party was totally super! My sister and I managed to plan cool, fun, exciting things to do!

INVITATIONS: For invitations, I made cool invites on Greeting Card Creator". My sister helped me create a picture of popcorn held in a red and white box. There was a red border and on the front of the card it said "You're Invited!". Inside we wrote all the party information and handed out the invites two weeks before the party. We invited 5 girls: Three came for the early part of the party then one left and the other two came for the rest of it plus all the other girls where sleeping over to! Plus my two sisters where participating to so that means eight or nine people counting me.

DECORATIONS: For decorations well we didn't really have STREAMERS and BALLOONS or anything but we had some really cool d├ęcor! Our basement was the sleeping room and it looked kind of boring so we jazzed it up a little! We have a good sized finished basement but it's not completely furnished to it was perfect! We decided to change the basement into a hotel suite! We made signs that said "suite 13" "suite 14" "suite 15" and stuck them onto the doors in the basement to make it look like a hotel with many different suites! We cleaned the room very well first.

Then we put up a "snack stand". (a.k.a a huge computer desk) On the snack stand we put paper plates and cups. We also put bags of chips chocolates candies and other snacks on the table with a popcorn maker. Then above the snack stand we had a huge white poster board that said "Happy Birthday __________" in different colours of glitter glue. We framed it with curly gold ribbon and hung it over the snack stand. Then around on the other walls we hung big posters. (cute ones:)) We put out a TV. On top of a blue box that was just the right height so we could see the TV. When in our sleeping bags. We set cute stuffed animals around it. Then in the corner we had an ironing board covered with a pink table cloth. On it there where several different kinds of bead kits we would use later for a craft. On the side of the walls near the ceiling we stuck different coloured glow stars that look cool with the lights off!

Last we picked up 3 mini silver star pinatas from DOLLARAMA each one stuffed with a different kind of candy. At another side of the wall we set up a small homemade vanity with lots of hair stuff and scented lotions perfumes nail stickers etc The basement looked great! LUNCH: The girls arrived around 12:00 to 12:30 and we ate right away when they came. We ate french fries chicken nuggets veggies and dip. For my CAKE we had a big chocolate one with roses iced in pink. It was really pretty! And yummy! GAMES: After lunch we started with the games.

First game: our own version of DEAL OR NO DEAL! We set up cards with numbers on them instead of the cases they use on the show and lined them up on the staircase. On the wall next to the staircase was the list of prizes inside the cards. We put all the girls' names on slips of paper and shuffled them on the ground. Then we drew the name of the "lucky contestant" that was going to play! They choose a card to keep at the beginning of the game. We switched the rules around a little so everyone could play! From the numbers 1 to 12 each girl got assigned two numbers. Inside of the cards with the numbers the names of prizes where written. Then the contestant calls out a number. Whoever was assigned that number goes takes the card and reads the name of the prize inside. They then win that prize.

The contestant must try to get the best prize and eliminate the other prizes. Occasionally the "banker" calls up. Instead of offering money for the contestant's number card they bargain with pinata hits. So if the contestant makes a deal they get a certain number of pinata hits. This game was really fun! My two friends played because my first "contestant" took the deal where as then we draw the name of a new player! It was really intense at the end where there was a penny and a cool prize left at the end! My friend got lucky and choose the card with the good prize! As for my friend that took the deal it was so funny to watch her frustration when she couldn't break open a tiny pinata! It was amazing!  

Next we had an OBSTACALE COURSE. This was really fun as well. We where split into two teams and each team was timed on how long it took them to complete the activities. This was what we had to do: (each team member) First Team A has a member go forward and take the pink ball in the room. Then an opposing team mate goes to the other side of the room. They must roll it back and forth until it's done three times. Then the team member runs to the next station. She has to grab a ponytail from the ironing board and put it in her hair. Then she runs to the next station. There is a small table with a variety of hand lotions. She picks one rubs it in completely then runs to the next station. There she must do five poses that look NOTHING alike! Next she runs to the staircase. She must climb up and down while singing "la la la la la la la" and then run to the next station: a clothes rack. She must pick a clothing item and put it on. Next she runs to the snack stand eats a chip. Then she stands on a stool sings a silly song about Barbie and picks up the pink ball and throws it to the next team mate. Each girl on every team had to do this. Then the team that took the least time to do it wins pinata hits! It was fun even though my team didn't win!

ACTIVITIES: For our activity (aka craft) we headed over to the ironing board. We had bought several different kinds of bead kits so we opened them all and took out the stings. We made cool bracelets by mixing and matching beads. Then we had a bracelet contest where my sister judged how good all of our bracelets looked. The winner got pinata hits! After the bracelets we played the DVD version of FAMILY FEUD! Again we split into two teams and had a great game!

COSTUMES: We didn't need any costumes. It was getting close to DINNER time so we started to get it ready! We all went to the kitchen and helped my mom with making pizzas! Everyone got to put what they wanted on it and they where supper yummy and fun to make! After dinner I opened my presents which I loved they were amazing!  AFTER dinner my mom went to take my friend home and pick up my other two friends. My two sisters and other friend went with her and it was just getting dark outside. I and my other friend were the only ones left currently at the party so we went to the basement to fix it up a bit! There where candy wrappers and bits of pinata sparkles and ribbons on the floor so we vacuumed. Then we cleared the centre of the room and started putting out our sleeping bags. We made everything look nice and comfy. Then we put out chips and stuff on the snack stand. We put out a little crystal dish filled with chocolate kisses and bits of gold ribbon. It looked really pretty!  PARTY SNACKS consisted of chips popcorn chocolates cookies and clemetines.

FAVOURS where whatever candy or prizes were won throughout the party. SLEEPOVER time was about to begin! My mom sisters and friends finally arrived. We all got really excited and where screaming and jumping and stuff. When everyone changed into their pyjamas we started playing some original sleepover party games. We played "who's afraid of the big bad wolf" "piggly-wiggly" "boy meets girl" and "would you rather". It was fun and funny! Then we curled up in front of the TV with all our snacks and watched the movie: "Firehouse Dog"(finished around 12:30) which wasn't exactly our plan because we just grabbed a movie at the last minute! It was OK though

After the movie we did a mini spa thing. We did each others hair and my friend gave these really good hand massages with my hand lotions. Everyone got to choose which lotion flavour they wanted. Then we did nail stickers! It was fun and glamorous. We took pictures of our nails when we finished them. Then we split up into two teams again and played our FAMILY FEUD DVD game. Everyone thought it was really fun so we played it several times. Then at like 2:00 am we where hungry again so we ate some chips! Then we played "would you rather" again and it was hilarious! At around 3:00 am we played family feud again and around 4:00 am though we weren't even tired we turned out the lights for sleeping cause we where going shopping in the morning.

We didn't Wanna be walking in our sleep so we hit the sack. In the morning my sisters played a prank on my friend! They put "This Is Daniel Cook" on the TV blasted the volume then put the remote control in my friends hand and jumped back in their sleeping bags. My friend woke up looked at the TV and said "OH NO!!!!!" in a really funny way! It was soooo funny!   After awhile we had eggs and biscuits for breakfast and headed off to the mall and shopped for awhile. When we got home around 12:00 we had lunch and watched "All Roads Lead Home" until everyone left.

This was a low-budget FUN party and all my friends say it was the best of ALL the parties I've ever had on my previous birthdays! We still talk about how fun it was!"

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