Sleepover Party

Hawaiian Summer Sleepover -14yr- T-Shirt Painting




Sleepover Party


Rachie in Canada


May 2010


Honorable Mention

This summer/spring at the end of the school year, I'm planning an awesome summer party for me, my sisters, and 7 of my friends! It's gonna be great!

INVITATIONS: For invitations, we're going to get several pairs of flip-flops from DOLLARAMA. We're going to write all the party info on the flip-flop with a brightly coloured gel pen. We'll hand them out two weeks before the party, so the guests will have time to decide if they can come or not.

DECORATIONS: Our party is going to take place mainly outside in our backyard. It's medium-sized with a face, and we have a small deck/patio. We also have a clothesline strung across the yard, which will come in handy. We're going to hang yellow, orange, and red streamers along the fence( the typical summer colours). We're also hanging bunches of green balloons along the fence. We're getting mini star pinatas from DOLLARAMA(yellow ones) and hanging them along the clothesline, along with colourful water balloons. We'll stuff the pinata with lollie pops, rockets, gummy fast-food, and Hershey chocolates. For our patio/deck, we're going to hang streamers along the side of the railing.

Our railing is REALLY BIG AND THICK, so we're making our deck into a Fruitopia Cafe". On the railing we'll put plastic wine glasses filled with tropical drinks and there will be a big table with lots of chairs in the middle of the patio/deck. We'll put out a little menu as to see what tropical drinks you can order. Then on the ground beside the deck/patio we'll scatter fake sand and seashells so it'll be like a beach. Also in front of the gate entrance we're making a "Super Souvenir Shack" with tropical souvenirs you can buy.

We'll get sunglasses Hawaiian leis beach balls bracelets key chains notebooks and tons more cool "summer" related stuff to "sell" in the souvenir shack. 0n the ground near the centre of our yard we're putting a big blow-up pool for and "ocean". My friend is bringing it and people can actually swim in it. We're also gonna set up our sprinkler near the pool. Our "beach" is gonna look really cool! ARRIVAL:

When everyone arrives we'll begin our first ACTIVITY. We're gonna buy 10 white t-shirts and lots of fabric paint. Then we're writing "I Visited The_________(our last name) Beach Resort!" Then everyone is gonna sign everyone's t-shirt! It's gonna be fun and we might do tie-dye shirts as well!

GAMES: For our games we want them to be mostly with water! First we will jump in the pool and get warmed up to the water. Then we're gonna play squirt tag with huge pink pencil squirters. Then we're gonna do "sprinkler limbo"! With the sprinkler the girls need to try to go under the water its spraying without getting wet! My friend will adjust the water levels from higher to lower to make it more difficult. By then we'll eat Hawaiian pizza for LUNCH with lemonade fish cheddars and jumbo freezies.

Our PARTY SNACKS are gonna be crackers and cheese veggies and dip B.B.Q. chips drumstick ice creams and more!

COSTUMES: There are no costumes involved but all the girls are asked to bring a fancy evening gown and high heels with hair supplies.

After lunch we had CAKE. The cake is gonna lemon with white frosting. In lemon-jelly the words "Happy Summer Days" will be iced on the middle of the cake. After cake the guests will be given

FAVOURS consisting of: sunglasses sunscreen a key chain party pictures a tropical juice box and hair stuff.

DINNER is gonna be very fun! We're all gonna change into our evening dresses heels and then we'll do our hair. Then we're gonna go outside on the deck to the table. It'll have a white tables cloth with sparkles scattered around. We'll have glow sticks on the table and plastic wine glasses filled with lemonade and paper plates. We'll have grilled chicken with lemon juice and a summer salad. Then we'll eat and talk and have fun!

SLEEPOVER: For the sleepover part we'll have freezies and cookies for some snacks and popcorn with tropical toppings. We'll watch "High School Musical 2" because of the summer theme and play whatever games we feel like. We'll stay up really late watching movies playing games and talking! In the morning we'll go shopping and everyone will buy a new summer outfit. Then we'll take tons of pics and make our own magazines with our pics! This party will be fab! I can't wait!   "

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