Sleepover Party

Weekend Sleepover -13yr- Volleyball & Roller Rink




Sleepover Party


Kaylyn in CANADA


November 2009


Honorable Mention

Hey There! I JUST turned 13 last weekend! My party was AMAZING! I had planned a whole weekend of wasn't very cheap though. But it was memorable! :) Just take a glance at my ideas and see if you can get any for your party!

INVITATIONS:  For my party didn't really have a theme! It was just a So invitations we put a picture of a record and some music notes on cheap scrap paper! Then we wrote the basic info: place, time, when.. ETC.

FOOD:  Food was just veggies and dip! Fruit and yogurt, chips, chicken wings, pizza, cake, cupcakes, hamburgers, pancakes! ETC! Food you can have whatever..aslong as its yummy kids are happy.

ACTIVITIES: My party was starting right after school. My friends that were spending the weekend came home with me.. IN A LIMO! It sure raised some commotion. Then we came back to my house and ordered Swiss Chalet for supper. By then it was about 4:30. Soo we decided to make our facial and spa creams for later! You can find TONS of recipes on the internet.. after that we did the scrapbooking. At 6:00 we went to set up the DANCE HALL we had rented.. see i was having some friends (8) sleep over the whole weekend..then i had about 200ppl at the dance hall! The dance was from 6-11. So we did limbo and PARTIED ! all night. lol.

After the dance, we came back to my place and had a Dance Dance Revoloution tournament! I do competivtive dance..and had some trophies that the owner of the studio let me take..when she was clearing out! SO WE GOT REAL TROPHIES! They were soo happy.! After that we played Monopoly.! I WON! hehe. :) Then it was 2:00am soo we decided to start our SPA NIGHT! We set up stations, and got into partners...during this experience we had my favourite show Buffy The Vampire Slayer playing like a MINI MARATHON! We enjoyed it,,. i think we had about 10 different stations.

We went to bed at 5:00AM! Then we  woke up at 8:00 am and played American Idol. After that we had a crazy string fight! Then we did breakfast, and gifts. We decided after breakfast to go outside and play volleyball! IT WAS AWESOOMEE. Some fun competition.. If you like volleyball and your party is in the winter.. PLAY IT IN THE SNOW! Its AWESOME. ! After volleyball, we went to a roller rink! For like 2hrs. Then we played survivor! YOU CAN FIND THE GAMES LISTED ON HERE! I cant explain We won monopoly money (ILL EXPLAIN LATER!) We were going to play more survivor later though... soo. yah! lol.

Then we had a PROFFESIONAL photographer come in and we did a photo shoot! MODELING! After the photo shoot on saturdaay it was about 7PM soo we went to a Pizza Parlor (LIKE PIZZA PIZZA) and they showed us how to make our own pizza!!! THEN WE ATE IT! (DINNER) Oh yah, i almost forgot for lunch we had a Hamburger Eating Contest! After making pizza, we went to the movie theatre! WE SAW NEW MOON! AWESOME MOVIEE! :) It was about 11:00PM by the time we were done, and when we got home..there was a surprise!  Well i knew about it but didnt tell them,, we had a fortune tellerr person come in and we did the ouija bored, and tarrot cards!!! UNTIL 1AM.  Then we did baking, at 1am! WE made tons of sweets! yummy. :P

WE WENT TO BED AT 5AM AGAIN! lol. Then when we woke up we finished our SURVIVOR! THIS TIME THOUGH WE DID FEAR FACTR!!! IT WAS GROSS, BUT SOO FUN! WE GOT GREAT PICTURES! After that it was we did our auction...  we used monopoly money that we had won.. and BID on stuff. ! IT WAS AWESOME. we bought prizes like... scrabble, manicure kits, gift cards, and lots more! you can also just get like dollar store stuff...but it doubles as a loot bag! Then we had brunch (homemade crepes) YUMMMMYYYYY. !

After that we got ready and went to the mall! FOR A SCAVENGER HUNT! The hunt ended by 3pm. Soo after that we went to my horse farm! And groomed, walked and rid the horses! IT WAS A BLAST!! We did this until 6. Then we came back to my place and a henna tattoo lady was here! So we got henna tattoss! And while we were waiting for other girls, we made jewellry! We hired a lady to teach us!! IT WAS AWESOME. Then we had a gourmet supper lol. Not really) It was just fancy rice, salad, and chicken! While we waited for the parents since it was 9 at night.. We had a SILLY STRING FIGHT! My party was awesomeee. My friends are talking about it non stop at school!  CANT WAIT TIL MY 14TH BIRTHDAY! OH YA. For

CAKE:  We got a picture of me on my horse, and the cake lady put it on the cake! AS I WAS SAYING it was awesomee. It costed around 4000.00 but it was worth it..after all its ME! Lmao. Oh yes,, if you want it cheaper for the movie,,ask your friends to pay for themselves!

GOODY BAGS:  we went to Laura Secord and purchased 200 MARSMALLOW ON A STICK TREATS! That was the favours..then my friends that slept over 2 nights.. They got all of the stuff from the spa night, marshmallow treats, the spa stuff we made, our scrapbooks, trophies, a thank you card, bandanas and clothes (tshirts) from the fear factor and survivor, pictures from the photo shoot, a gift card for the pizza place we made the pizza at, their treats they baked, the prizes from the auction, the jewellry they made, anything they used from the spa night like nail polishes, facial creams, hair supplies, nail files, etc. and candies of course! IT WAS AWESOME. Hope this helped you. Byeez !

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