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Sleepover Party


Rory in Flemington,NJ,USA


September 2009


Honorable Mention

For my party, i did a haunted hayride sleepover party. It was sp much fun! Since my birthday is a week a way from halloween, i decided to do something spooky to get my bffs in the mood! I had nine girls come over around 6 o clock. Here is how my fab party went: 

Invitation: I tried to incorporate the halloween ness into sleepoverness. So i typed the party information onto a small black piece of cardstock with white writing, and then i glued a piece of felt the same size as the paper to the back. The felt was decorated with pumpkins, bats etcetera. I rolled it up and tied it with black yarn, to make it look like a sleeping bag rolled up.  I hand delivered them to my friends mailboxes.  

Decorations: My friend Lilly came over early to help me with decorations. We strung purple black and orange streamers all over the cieling of my living room and family room. Then, we placed jackolanterns in the corners and fake cobwebs on the cieling and wall. We blew up many black purple and orange balloons and stuck them to the walls and let them float around the cielings.

We dimmed the lights and lit candles then put figurines around the candles to cast spooky shadows on the wall. It was very cheap cause we went to party city and the dollar store. it came to about ten bucks (we already had the figurines and candles) 

Activities: After we dined on halloween edibles (see Party FOOD/SNACKS), me and my friends went outside. i live on an old farm, so their is old crumbling buildings and other spooky things around. Plus, there are many trees and lots of land (we have 18 akres). my mom and i had decorated the outside like we had our house. Plus, it was starting to get dark. So everything looked slightly spookier then usual.

We decided to play hide and seek. But i am 14, so it seems babyish. however, in the fading daylight with spooky trees old buildings and being all by yourself, this game of hide and seek is  quite mature. We made the rules that you had to be able to see the light of my house at all times. We got into teams of two (my brother played, so there were 5 teams) Then, we had one person count, seek etc. you know the classic game of hide and seek goes, rite mate?

Anyway, next was the big activity. The haunted hay ride. My mom and dad both have big cars so they drove us there. My brother went to a friends house, and my parents went out to dinner, leaving us girls alone at shaefer farms. The hayride was a three part deal, where you got a 45 minute haunted hayride, a 'casual' run for your life through a haunted corn maize, and Screem mirror house where ghouls chase you and you cant tell which way is out. it was a very cool thing to do, and it was 20 bucks for all three things per person.

Then when that was over we went back to my house and did makeovers, told ghost stories, and played manhunt. then we snuggled into bed and played truth or dare. It was sooo much fun best party ive ever had! 

Games: we played like i said, manhunt, hide and seek, truth or dare, and told ghost stories and did makeovers. plus we went on that amazing haunted hayride.  

Costumes: We dressed warmly cause when you are on a hayride, a haunted one, at nine oclock in mid october you often get the chills. (not just due to the cold) 

Party Snacks: We ate colored jello with candy eyeballs in it, and for dinner we had pizza with a variety of strange toppings and with purple crust (food coloring) for snacks we had popcorn mixed with choco chips and gummy worms and masrhmellows. It was soooo yummy! 

Cake: my mom hand made me an ice cream cake and she drew with icing a picture of a hayride in spooky looking trees with cute little figures standing in the hayride screaming with a happy birthday rory bubble coming from their mouth. 

Favors: We filled popcorn containers (like the ones you get at an oldfashioned carnival with the red stripes except we got em from target) with candy and decorated it with pumpkin stickers and bat stickers etc.   It was the best party I would recommend to everyone!

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