Sleepover Party

Water Park/Hotel Party -13yr- Road Trip




Hotel Sleepover Party


Murphy in Ohio, USA


July 2009



For my 13th birthday,I really wanted to do something special and orignal. So i asked my parents if me and some of my friends could go to a waterpark for a day, and since the nearest one was 2 1/2 hours away, we would be in for a little road trip, but i figured with my friends, that would be half the fun!! So my mom, me and 4 of my friends all piled into my moms little pt cruiser,( my dad, brother, aunt, and cousins also drove up in a separate car)and drove to kalahari waterpark and resort in sandusky,ohio.

INVITATIONS- my mom called my friends parents to make the arrangements. We figured that would be best since the trip was so detailed.

DECORATIONS- since we got passes to the waterpark for the whole day,(10-9!) we came up with the idea of decorating my moms car for the occasion. So we went to the dollar store and bought a few balloons, window markers, and happy b-day banners. We did the inside with balloons in the back, a banner between the back seats and the back window with the window markers saying 'happy bday!' and 'kalahari here we come'. When the girls got to my house in the morning, we let them decorate the side doors and windows.

GAMES- during our road trip, we tried to sleep, but that never happened. lol. and I had road trip games on hand in case we got bored. i also made up a verson of would you rather using bad things you would have to do (e.i. get bit by a duck, get hit by a bus) that they would pick from a bag. each person would pick 2 and keep the one they would rather do. each has a number of points on the back of the paper, and the person with the most points wins at the end.

I also made up mad lib type stories where they had to fill-in-the-blank. This was hilarius! Mostly because each person had their own story that I made up, and the other people had to fill in the blanks for them. It was so funny to see how the story ended up. We also talked for most of the time.

PARTY- I told the girls to all meet at my house at 7am, so we could get there at 10 when it opened. They all arrived at different times so, we killed time by talking. Once everyone got there, my mom gave everyone window markers to decorate the outside of the car. We decorated with our names and doodles and sayings like happy bday murf! During the trip we took pics, talked and played the games I already mentioned. As soon as we got there we were all so excited. Two of them have been there before and loved it, and the rest were so happy too.

My mom had called their parents in advance to make arrangments. We paid for their passes to get in and dinner, and asked that they bring extra money for spending and a lite lunch. When we got there we went straight to the changing rooms, and then to the waterpark. We stayed there for 3 hours and then ate lunch. After that we explored the other things to do there.  We went shopping, mini golfing, then we went back to the waterpark to ride waterslides,and swim. We stayed their until closing. 

Since the arcade doesn’t close until 10, we went there last. We went there until closing and then headed home. Since the drive was so long, and it was late when we got home, everyone slept over my house. We watched a movie and talked and eventually fell asleep. In the morning, we had eggs and toast, and everyone went home by noon. I loved this party, it was one of my favorites, and I hoped you enjoyed reading this!! Thanks!! =)

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