Sleepover Party

Sleepover Party -13yr- Manicure & Facial




Sleepover Party


Amy in Wales


September 2008


Honorable Mention

Ok, so i thought my 13th party should be special. Seeing as though i'm turning into a teenager.

Anyway, i decided to invite my three closest friends. Because we're all into the same things, i kinda guessed it wouldnt be hard to find a theme. In the end i chose a sleepover. That way, everybody would be happy. I chose pink and white as my colours and decorated the whole house with pink and white banners, balloons, confetti, ribbons etc.

For the invitations i used white card. Over the top of the front of the invitation, i stuck on a piece of a doily. Then on top of the doily i stuck a pretty pink bow, (Try and keep it simple. It looks much better). Inside, said: You are cordially invited to Amy's ultra-special 13th birthday sleepover. When, where, and what to bring. I also included some of the activities we would be doing later on. I then put them in a nice neat envelope, sprinkled some pink glitter into them, and sealed. On the front, i wrote their names in posh writing.

Now that i had the invitations finished, i had to start thinking of a plan of action. I decided that to help my guests settle in and feel like a proper star, i made my brother dress up in a suit and give each of the guests a rose and a chocolate as they arrived at my house. Also, i gave him a camera and made him take a picture of each of the guests.

Once they had all arrived, my brother guided us into the food room aka, the luxury dining room. A table was set in pink and white. It had a white tablecloth, pink and white ribbons hanging from the sides, and confetti sprinkled on top of it. It had lots of nice nibbles for my guests to pick at. These included, crisps, fairycakes, sausages on sticks, mini donuts, mini hotdogs, etc. I also had my chocolate fountain set up and sticks with fresh fruit on. I had my drinks fountain out and glowing cups with heart shaped ice-cubes in. I also had music playing our fave songs.

Once we'd all eaten, we were taken upstairs, once again, by my brother. He told us what we would be doing tonight.

Our first activity was nail painting. There was a huge circle of different coloured nail varnishes set out, (My Mum is a nail technician, so she had plenty of diff colours.) There was an empty bottle in the middle of the circle, which we spun, and whatever colour it landed on, we had to paint one nail that colour. We did this until all our nails were painted,(I had my brother taking pictures of us thorughout the party).

Next, we did facials. I had bought some cheap facial masks from our local chemist. We each put on our masks then my brother came around with a tray of cucumber for my guests to put on their eyes. We relaxed, took photos and chatted untill our masks were ready to take off. Once we'd done this, we moved on. Next, we watched a movie, (I had a few dvds ready, so we could decide what we wanted to watch at the time).

After the movie, we played twister, with my brother as the spinner, and then we calmed down by playing the malteser game- Everyone sits in a circle and each have two bowls. One with maltesers in, and one empty. Each guest has a straw which they have to use to get all their maltesers into the other bowl.

Once we've done this, we sat and chilled then watched the other movie. It's sometimes a good idea to have snacks around the room, so your guests don't get peckish. These could include, cakes, mini sandwiches, crisps etc. Once we watched the film, it was bed time. Every girl needs to get her beauty sleep!

The next morning, we woke up to pancakes done especially by my Dad, a chef. There was sugar, syrup and other toppings set out, so they had a wide choice. Once brekkie was over, we all got dressed. We went downstairs, and chatted until each guest got picked up.

As they left I gave them a party favour. This was a pretty little pink bag, packed full of makeup, hair clips, sweets, photos, and all sorts.

They really enjoyed my party, and I hope if your using this as an idea for yours, I'm sure they'll enjoy yours. =] Ox

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