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Sleepover Party


Hannah in Dundalk, Co.Louth, Ireland.


August 2008


Special Mention

Your 13th birthday party has to be special because you are going to be a teenager for the first time! I searched this website for days and still couldn't decided on a theme so I took lots of different ideas and put them together with a few of my own to make a perfect party! Because my party was in Ireland you might not be able to all the stuff I did but there are lots of different ideas you can use, wherever you live!

INVITATIONS: As I was only bringing 3 girls I didn't bother using invitations, instead I text them: Dear --------- next Thursday (August 8) I am having my 13th birthday party and your invited!!! You will be picked up at 10.30am! We will then be going to the NEWBRIDGE SILVER visitors centre to see the museum of HOLLYWOOD STYLE ICONS, out for lunch and then to the NATIONAL AQUATICS CENTER!!! So bring your swimming suit, swimming hat, towel and sleepover stuff!! Hope you can come. Please text back if you can/can't comeĀ¦xxx. This party can also be used with a Hollywood theme (because we are going to the HOOLYWOOD style icon museum), for Hollywood invitations: google Hollywood Sign images and download an image of the Hollywood sign, this is going to be the background of your invitation. Once you have the background done then type out all the same details but say that you will be going back to NAME'S HOLLYWOOD HOTEL for a night of Hollywood glitz and glamour!!!

DECORATIONS: My colour scheme was pink and white. As we were going to be away all day I didn't use many decorations. I bought pink and white balloons, blew them up and put them all over the floor; this looks really good and is way better then hanging them up! We got pink and white table confetti that said Happy Birthday and there was also lots of tiny stars. You can also get streamers to hang up around the ceiling of the car for a party effect (we travelled to the different places in our car). For Hollywood decor: use black and gold balloons for a glamorous effect!   Have a great range of party supplies, the best I saw was a pack of 4 signs saying: Party with the stars, And the winner is Awards night and Hollywood all for only 3.25!!! You can cut out gold stars to hang up around the room as well. Get a red carpet or even lots of red paper for when the guests are walking into the Hollywood hotel (your house!)

THE PARTY (inc. games and activities): we picked the girls up at 10.30am and headed straight for the Newbridge Silver visitors centre. It took an hour and a half to get there but the time went fast as none of us could stopped talking, but if you get bored in the car you can play games like Sweet or Sour where you wave at someone in a passing car, if they smile back they are sweet if not then they are sour, the first to ten wins! Another game is I Spy. By the time we got there we were all starving so we had our lunch in the restaurant there, some of us had lasagne and others picked out their favourite ingredients for toasted sandwiches and we all shared a large bottle of French berry lemonade, it was a lovely meal. After that we went upstairs to the Museum of Hollywood Style Icons. It was great it had outfits worn by Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna and many more.

Then we all went downstairs to the big jewellery shop to have a look! After that we had a quick snack, got in the car and headed to the National Aquatic Centre, where we stayed for 2 and a half hours. There were loads of huge slides, a lazy river where you get pulled along by a current, a wave pool and a Jacuzzi. Everyone enjoyed this part of the party because there were so much fun things to do. After that we got in the car and headed for home (for Hollywood party roll out a red carpet or lay out lots of red paper for when the guests arrive at your house! Get your parents to take pictures). By the time we got home it was 7.30 so we had our dinner (more on that below in FOOD and PARTY SNACKS). 

Then we got our pyjamas on. We were going to be sleeping downstairs in our living room, which is in an open-plan area beside our kitchen; this was handy for whenever we got hungry. Earlier my mom and I had pushed one of the sofas over beside the other so they were in an L-shape, then we got a mattress and put it in the middle of the L-shape, and finally we got loads of pillows, cushions, sheets, duvets and some teddies to make it look and feel really comfy (we also had a TV in front of the bed)! But back to the party now! So once we had our pyjamas on we put on our first DVD Mean Girls during this movie we gave each other manicures. A good idea is to ask guests to bring a selection of their own nail varnish so you have plenty of colours to choose from, also have nail-varnish remover, nail files and cotton pads on hand! Then we watched Clueless. Half way through this movie we got up and went to the kitchen to make our very own facials. There are hundreds of recipes on the Internet for facials; the one I chose was a Chocolate Berry Facial. One person weighed the ingredients, another chopped the berries, I mixed them and another person chopped the cucumber for our eyes! Everyone loved doing this and said it was much better then just buying a readymade one. While the facemask was on we just talked about the day and what we had done, it was very relaxing. We took lots of pictures doing this.

Afterwards we had a fondue; we melted chocolate and then dipped in strawberries, grapes, marshmallows, pineapple and banana. Then we watched Legally Blonde 1 and 2. At 5.30 am we went to bed! When we woke up the next morning we just lay on the bed talking for a while and then my mom made us breakfast. After that we had a balloon fight! This is a great game to play because no matter how hard you throw them the balloons move really slowly in the air, nobody could stop laughing! Then we had a pillow fight! After we did a fashion designing game. The four of us had to make up our own outfits. Each of us were given a scarf (the big, light type, not the woolly winter scarves), everyone had a different colour and design of scarf. We had to make them into dresses, tops or skirts. We also had to name the outfits! The girls were also allowed to use jewellery; belts, hats and I had to use a pair of pj bottoms. Then we did each other's hair and make up.

We all had mad hairdos and makeup like they do in fashion shows. Then we went down and showed them off in front of my mom, who took lots of pictures! Afterwards we got changed into our proper clothes. At 2pm one of the girls moms picked her up. So then the rest of us went for a short walk and then at 3pm my mom dropped the last girl home!!!

Some Hollywood games are: Pin The Oscar On Halle Berry (like pin the tail on the donkey only you pin the Oscar on the actors hand!), name the star (get pictures of famous actors, split into teams and the first team to guess all the stars right wins!), guess who's going to win it (guess who will win the awards at the Oscar's) and Famous Quotes (on pieces of paper write down famous quotes said in movies and put them into a hat. Each person has to pick out a quote and guess who said it. Whoever gets the most right wins!)

FOOD and PARTY SNACKS: We had our lunch at a restaurant so we didn't have to worry about that! For dinner we had cheesy garlic bread for starters, mozzarella or chicken pizza for mains and the birthday cake (more on that below in CAKE) for dessert. During the night we had sweets, popcorn, crisps, and chocolate that we lay out on the floor in different bowls so we could eat whenever we wanted! We also had the chocolate fondue. To drink we had Sprite, Fanta or juice. Because we were going to be in the car a lot we brought some sweets, chocolate bars and lemonade to snack on in the car, this is a really good idea because after the swimming and on the way to the swimming pool the guests got hungry. For breakfast the next morning my mom made us bagels. She put different toppings on the table like: cream cheese, butter, jam, bacon and chocolate spread so we could pick what we wanted! Another idea for breakfast is get a selection of fruit and yoghurts and letting the guests make their own smoothes! Because we had our breakfast at around 12.30pm we didn't need lunch!

CAKE: For the cake I baked a pink sponge cake. To make the sponge go pink you add pink food colouring to the cake mixture just before it goes into the oven and stir it in well. I made enough mixture for 2 cakes and put it into 2 heart shaped tins. For the icing in between the two cakes, I melted butter and added it to icing sugar and then I mixed in pink food colouring to make pink butter icing! Then I spread on the pink butter icing and joined the 2 cakes together. Then I got some readymade rollout icing and cut out the shape of a heart, and put it on the top of the cake.

After this, I put some pink food colouring in a bowl and dipped in some of the rollout icing then I folded over the icing and dipped it in again, keep doing this until all of the rollout icing is pink! Then I cut out the letters HAPPY 13th from the pink rollout icing and stuck them on the cake, I also put these little edible pink pearls on each letter And TA-DA a Heart Shape Cake saying HAPPY 13th in pink icing!!! Everyone said it looked gorgeous and tasted delicious!

For A Hollywood cake: bake a cake in a star-shape tin, then cover it in black or gold icing and write Have A Happy Hollywood Birthday! In either black or gold icing! Use star shape candles! You could also go to a food shop and buy those letters for the top of a cake and spell out Hollywood like the Hollywood hills sign! Another nice thing to do is getting a large piece of ribbon (black or gold for Hollywood party!), and tying it around the cake this looks really pretty!

FAVOURS AND PRIZES: you could have prizes for, best manicure (whoever did the best nail design wins!), best outfit in the fashion designing game and best hair and make-up! These prizes could be nail varnish, lipgloss, hair accessories (clips, hairbands ect.) and vouchers for Claire's or if you're on a budget candy bars and candy bracelets and necklaces! Make sure everyone gets a prize so that no one feels left out! For novelty Hollywood prizes you could use star-shaped sunglasses (the dress-up kind), a trophy with a star on it or star shaped candy!

For the favours I am going to print out a nice group picture from the party and the recipe for the facials we made, along with a short thank-you note and some sweets and I will hand them out in a few days (my party was only a few days ago)! For Hollywood favours you could use the same stuff as the prizes along with clapboard keyrings, Hollywood stickers and badges, star shape candles and candy! This was the best party I ever had and everyone enjoyed it! In total the party cost approx. 125-150 if you are having a Hollywood theme it will probably cost more. All the ideas here are guaranteed to make you and your friends have a great party! Happy Party Planning!!! Xxx

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