Sleepover Party

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Sleepover Party


Ciara in Langley, B.C. Canada


August 2003


Honorable Mention

I had my 10th b-day party last year and i didnt have such a good time 1 cause it was a sleepover and had WAY to many people and 2 cause well heres my idea for next year!!!

INVITATIONS: i have a couple ideas 1 made up like a spa brochure and has all the details of what ur going to be doing such asmanicure pedicure... 2 buy 1 mirror per guest and right on them MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHOSE THE FAIRST OF THEM ALL? WHY OF COURSE YOU ARE THATS WHY YOUVE BEEN INVITED TO CIARA'S 11TH B-DAY/SLEEPOVER PARTY!!! then write all the nessecary stuff u know time date place rsvp bring

FOOD: well foods pretty simple cause im a girl and girls ALWAYS  have the same thing JUNK FOOD ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! but last year one of my friends didnt feel so good in the morn. cause she didnt eat a lot so this year we're making our own pizza to!!!

DECORATIONS: well the usual streamers ballons it helps if you pick 1-3 colours and stick with those colours or since im having the spa theme im going to set up make up and stuff and have a pinata in the shape of a lipstick tube.

ACTIVITES:  well for my own "spa" im going to set up stations for nails toe nails makeup facials ect. and every bodys going to get in parteners (TIP:have b-day kid pick out of bowl for all partner games and who gets to sit beside them ect. so u dont get any hurt feelings!!!!) and go around the stations and do eachother.

Then we are going out 2 a resturant b-day childs favourite!!!make sure to plan lots of games such as: treasure hunt: pretty straight forwad Pin the tail on the donkey: the old classic! Can be changed to theme (kiss the hottie pin the water on the fire ect.)

Double dice: take 2 medium size boxes then paint them white, but instead of putting on numbers like dice write funny challenges like sing or national anthem outsid jump on one foot run around the house screaming wheres the door? Things like that then get each person to roll both the dice and do both those things at once if not possible roll one again

Truth or dare: I wouldn’t play if guests are very hyper its not a good idea!!!

Dare ideas: run around the house screaming wheres the door?? Run outside in your pjs  eat a pickle with peanut butter on top walk outside in your pjs knock on your neighbors door and say whatz up dock??(have a carrot in your mouth at the same time)then run away

PARTY FAVORS: little kits with makeup in them candy choclate ect.  Have the b-day kid hide her eyes and then get the guests to hide his/her b-day presents then she has to find them!!!! 

CRAFTS: slippers: take flip flops and put fabric on them pillow cases: take pillow cases and get everyone to sign eachothers with fabric markers you could do the same with t-shirts or beach balls!!!  Those are my ideas!!!! I hope I was a help,                   


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