Sleepover Party

Salon Slumber Party -13yr- Six Spa Stations




Sleepover Party


LeiLoni in San Antonio, Texas, USA


June 2005



For my daughters 13 birthday I really wanted it to be big since she was transfering from the pre- teens to the teens.  She told me that this year she wanted to feel grown up and be treated like a  princess.  So I offered the idea about having a Salon Slumber Party she loved it. 

1) I made the  invitations look like a girl with a robe on and her hair put up in a towel and I put a word bubble to  make it look like she was talking but instead it had all the information to the party. 

2) Since going  to a salon with 12 girls was a little too pricey I asked her uncle if we could have it at his house and  he was so exciteed abut her going into her teens that he said yes.  (Why not just have at my house  you ask?  Well his house is a mansion and he lives in the mountains up in Austin, Texas beuatiful  scenery.)

3) After all the girls arrived we drove up  to Austin I told the moms that they could drive  up there as well so that they would have secure thoughts in theie heads about their girls being so  far away. 

4) When we got there everything was set up because me and my daughter had drove up  the day before to get everything ready.  They ran inside to put on their bathing suits and went  swimming. 

5) After about an hour of swimming they went inside to be treated like princesses. 

We  had 6 SIX! Stations set up one in each room. 

1=Fabulous Facials
2=Magnificent Manicures 
3=Perfect Pedicures
4=Marvelous Massages
5= Hip Hair Do's
6=Mad Makeovers

The girls got in  pairs of 2 so one pair per a station and after 20 minutes they would all rotate. (I had my nieces,  sister-in-laws and friends helping me out of course). 

5) After the girls had gone through all the  sations they were pretty hungry so they chose off the menu that I had printed off at my work along  with the invitations (I'm a graphics artist). 

6) When they were done they dressed in their pj's we had  a runway fashion show (her uncle is in the show biz so he had an actual red carpet and a mini run  way in his closet!) every girl got a prize for something. 

7) Towards midnight I got tired so I told  them they could stay up as long as they weren't too loud. 

8) The next morning I had woken up  early along with her uncle and we cooked up a storm.  Everything you can think of for breakfast we  had.  They woke up to a buffet of food.  When they were done eating the biirthday girl got to open  her presents. 

9) Every one got their stuff together and we left back to our house where their  parents would pick them up again.  As they left I gave them hand mad goodie bags with their name  engrave on it inside there was nail polish, pumice stone, nail file, foot lotion, face masks, massage  oils, and soothing ligiud eye lasks. 

Over all it was the best party I have ever hosted for my daughter  and the least expensive to surprisingly.

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