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Sleepover Party -14yr- Fancy Box Invites




Sleepover Party


Chrissy in Washington D.C.


March 2006



For my 14th birthday party I decided to do something cute but stylish too. Thanks to some ideas on this website, and some great ideas of my own, I came up with the party theme "I love Pink" All of my friends and I are obsessed with the Victorias Secret Pink collection. This collection in Victorias Secret is designed for teenagers, and has alot of patterns like bright stripes and polka dots. 

Invitations- I bought 7 pairs of victorias secret pink boxer shorts that were pink with white polka dots all over. I got them for 25 $ on ebay, which I thought was a great deal considering their normally 18.50 each. I then went to the Victoria Secret store at the local mall, and asked for 7 small victorias secret boxes. This might be kind of awkward, especially if your not buying anything there, but the women were very enthusiastic and were excited about my birthday party idea.

I took the 7 boxer shorts and individualy wrapped them with pink tissue paper, then put each one in one of the boxes. I wrote the invitations on light pink paper, put them in cute envelopes, and put them on top of the boxer shorts in the box. To complete the look, I tied the box with a pink ribbon. I gave each box out after school,and all of my friends were impressed/delighted with there "invitation."

My friends only knew  that the party was a sleepover party, that my parents would be picking us up outside the school on Friday, and that they were welcome to bring some money if they wanted.

On Friday, my 7 friends and I walked outside the school waiting for my "parents." A black stretch limo with pink balloons tied to the door handles arrived. My friends were freaking out, and everyone was watching us with incredulous expressions. We toured the city (Washington D.C.) and then had dinner at a popular mexican restaurant.

Games that we played while we were shopping, or at the restaurant- \*In Bethesda, where the restaurant was, we had a scavenger hunt. We were broken up into two teams of 4. The objective was to do the things on the list, and take pictures of each thing one of your team mates did. Each person on the winning team received a Mac lipglass (again..found on ebay for 1.50 each.)

Later, at the restaurant we played a game basically like trivia except about the birthday girl (me). The winner got a pair of Eliza B flip flops with the 48.00 tag still attached, that were bought for 4$ at a yard sale! When we got to my house, we made ice cream sundaes and watched The Notebook.

Once everyone was getting less hyper, we were each given a hot pink tote bag bought at AC Moore (2 $ each) and got to decorate them with ribbons, fabric paint, and iron-ons. These bags were later signed by each friend and were used to hold the party favors.

The party favors- all of these were bought on Ebay. Sephora Lip Gloss (12 $ for 7!), pink lilly pulitzer picture frames ( 15$ for 7.) and bath and body works vanilla body wash (10 dollars for 7)   The Cost-  invitations- 25$ Limo-140$ for 2 hours Dinner- 80$ for 8 people. ( note: a good way to make it less expensive for dinner is by going to a restaurant with "Family Size portions", where four people can eat each portion. Or a restaurant where they have huge platters for 20 dollars.) Prizes- 10$ Party Favors- around 53 $ Total.-301$ This party can easily be cheaper by eliminating the limo, or by giving out less party favors/cheaper invitations. My friends and I had a blast, and people are still talking about my party/ asking me to plan theres.

I highly, highly recommend this party!!!

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