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Sleepover Party


Payge in Colorado Springs, CO USA


July 2006



For my 13th birthday party i decided i will be having a sleepover. I got a lot of my ideas from this site and put them all together. My theme is going to be ''Material Girls.''

INViTATiONS: For my invitation I decided to make it very glamorous to go along with my theme. I will just get white cardstock...cut it out..add lace and a set of jewlrey or soemthing attached to it. PARTY: I will be inviting about 9 other girls so 10 including me. The girs will all arrive at my house to drop off their presents and sleepingbags.

After, We will all go and get our nails done at a nail salon I found in my mall that does nails for a very reasonable price. When we are done with that we will head back to my house for activities and sleepover.

ACTiViTiES: I decided to hold my party in my basement since there is just enough space to do all the things I want to. I am going to have five sections for the party.

SECTiON ONE: this is the ''Hollywood Room'' I will decorate it wil lights and paper cameras and celebrities on the wall. I will split the girls up into 3 teams [ 3 girls on each team ] and we will do a Hollywood Trivia game. Before the party I will write down questions for the game about the latest celebrity gossip example: What is the name of Tom Cruise and Katie Holme's baby?

Before the game starts I will give the girls about five minutes to study from ''Star Magazine'' and ''Us Weekly.'' Whichever team wins the game in the end will each win an oscar. Since I don't know how I am going to get an oscar I decided I am just going to get barbies and use them as oscars. If there is time we will play a celebrity charades game.

SECTiON 2: this will be the ''Fashion Designers Room''[ I got this idea from this site ] I will give each girl a white t-shirt and I will provide them each will glitter glue markers etc. and see who  can make the cutest most fashionable design. When we all decide who has made the best t-shirt I will give that girl a prize such as: a crown, a bath set, a $10 gift certificate to Bath&Body Works and candy.

SECTiON 3: this room will be the ''Makeover Room.'' We will all split into two teams and we will all decide on one girl from each team to be the one that is made over. Then we will all decide on a picture of a celebrity and each team will try to make that girl they have chosen look most like the celebrity. Whichever team wins will win a prize. Then everyone will get a chance to be made over.

SECTiON 4: this room will be the ''Model Photoshoot Room.'' This room is going to be in the guest bedroom in my basement, so from the ceiling I will hang a white curtain going down from the top onto the bed. Then I will take pictures of each girl in there t-shirts they made with their nails done and with their makeover on the bed and I will have a fan blowing in their face just like a real photoshoot! I will send each girl home with a picture of themselves in a photo-frame that is magneticable so they can hang it in their lockers for back-to-school. [ my birthday is right before back-to-school]

SECTiON FiVE: this will be taken place right outside my basement on our loong concreate floor. I will have a long table that is set out for eating and there will be a present table. If there is time leftover we will sit in my hottub and sauna and play airhockey, ping pong, and pool.

SLEEPOVER: after we open presents and eat dinner, we will all roast marshmellows and watch movies and talk in my basement until we fall asleep. In the morning we will wake up, eat breakfast, play games, and get ready to go home.

GOODYBAGS: in my goodybags I will include Nailpolish, Glitter, Headbands, [ since they are in this year ] A mini brush, a mini mirror, lipgloss, and candy.

I am very excited for my party and I think it will go well!

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