Sleepover Party

Spa & Sleepover Party -14yr- Manicures Pedicures




Sleepover Party


Awbrie in Harrisburg, Oregon, USA


August 2013



So my little sister went away for the weekend this year so it went better then I figured it would have.

INVITATIONS: For invitations I went on to word and printed the inside part witch said you’re invited to a relaxing spa sleepover for _________’s birthday. It will be held at {address here} on {date here}. Please remember to bring your pajamas, pillow, sleeping bag, makeup, and anything else needed for staying overnight. On the outside I cut out pink cardstock and decorated it. I then glued the printed paper into the cardstock.

DECORATIONS: For decorations I hung up white Christmas lights. I also hung up pink and black streamers everywhere.  I got a table cloth and tacked it up on an empty wall for pictures when the guests arrived. There was a tablecloth across the counter so that clean up was easy to do.

ACTIVITIES:  As guests arrived we took pictures together and when everyone was there we had a group picture. After dinner we played some games. One game included was a photo scavenger hunt. That was really fun.

After everyone was in their pajamas we did a pajama fashion show. There were pictures of that one. Then I opened up presents and there were more pictures.  

After that we did our spa treatments. We put our hair up and applied a face mask solution I found online. While that was setting we did manicures and pedicures.

We then washed our faces off and played some more games.

Once we were done with games we did normal sleep over stuff like gossip, and snack on the food that we had left.

At bedtime we put out our sleeping bags and I put in a movie. In the morning we had breakfast and did random things like dance around in our pajamas, talk about boys, gossiped, and talked about boys.

GAMES: We played a few games. They included a photo scavenger hunt, a pajama fashion show, spa treatment, spin the nail polish, and dance party.

COSTUMES: If you want to say we had any costumes it would be our pajamas.

FOOD: For dinner that night I had a pizza bar. There were many toppings that people put on their pizzas. Snacks were plentiful that’s for sure. We had candy, chips, dip, veggies, fruit, and homemade cupcakes.

For drinks we had pink lemonade and like three or four types of soda. Breakfast the next morning was bagels with jam and cream cheese and juice.

CAKE: I had chocolate cake with pink frosting, white writing, and cotton candy.

FAVORS: For favors each guest took home some of the facemask solutions, a manicure set, a bottle of nail polish, lip gloss, and candy. I put the pictures on Facebook the next day. Then on the next Monday I handed out thank you cards. 

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