Sleepover Party

Girly Extravaganza Party -14yr- Sleepover Tips




Sleepover Party


Mimi in England


May 2012



For my birthday I am going to have a girly extravaganza party with about 9 of my friends!!!

INVITES: For the invites I will get a piece of black card and put a smaller piece of gray card onto the middle, I will put silver swirls on the black card and write everythng in gold on the gray piece.

DECORATIONS: For the decorations I will hang lots of white silk around my living room, I will then put some chairs in the very corner and some bean bags in the other corner in the center it will be the stage!

GAMES: For the games we will play 'dazzling nails' where you put lots of different colours of nail polish in the middle and a bottle in the middle of that, each girl will have a go at spinning the bottle, whichever colour it lands on they paint one of their nails that colour, you finish the game when everyones nails are all painted. I will also do a girlz got talent where everyone will be in groups (they decided them before the party and planned everything then) and they will perform, I will get 3 judges!

We will also do a photoshoot around the village, everyone will bring their favorite outfit and shoes, we will all get changed and have our make-up done and we will walk around the village having our photos taken, good excersise to! Another thing we will do is make ice cream sundaes, get 3 or 4 different types of ice cream, grated chocolate, sprinkles and sauces and let everyone go wild and free with their own sundaes!!! 

FOOD: For the food we will have lots of finger food, pizza, party rings, etc. we will just eat it in the playroom while watching a film.

CAKE: My cake will have three tiers, the bottom two will be plain and chocolate marble and the top will just be plain, they will be covered in white roll on icing and decorated with swirls!

NIGHT: Because I am having a sleepover you need to plan what you will do before you go to bed, we will mostly just chat and possibly do the nail polish game then we will also play some other games like blind mans buff (it is dark and one person is blind folded and the rest of the people crawl round the room to get away from the blind folded person, if the blind folded person catches you and guesses the right person then you are then blind folded one if they get it wrong say WRONG" crawl away and carry on!)

GOODIE BAGS: In the goodie bags at the end I will find lots of different coloured bags and write everyones name on and a different picture on everyones of something they like for example one of my friends loves Panda's!! WEIRD!! In the bags I will put a different coloured nail polish for everyone maybe a lip gloss head band but everyone will have a different colour of the same thing and same style!!


1. Don't be too eager to open your presents it will look like you're only having a party for the presents. 

2. Don't make someone do something they don't want to do 

3. Make sure everyone is allowed to use make - up. 

4. Always make sure everyone is happy.

5. If you live somewhere big don't go too far to take pictures just go along the road or just in your garden.

6. Make sure you're very good in the talent contest!!!!
IMPORTANT!!!!  But make sure if you win you don't get a prize give it to who you think was the best if you win!!!

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