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Sleepover Party


Rebecca in Albany, CA


May 2012


Runner Up

For my party this year I really wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors, because it is so nice here in the fall. We have a great park near my house that's awesome for night games, so we spent a lot of time there. We even rented a bouncy house so that we could sleep outside in it! The bouncy house ended up being much more than just a sleeping area.

INVITATIONS: I invited 6 of my closest friends to the party. I went to Michael's and picked up some felt with a star design on it. We cut it into little squares and made tiny pillows (about 3in x 5in) which we stuffed with some normal stuffing. They were super cute! I used fabric paint to paint You're Invited" on one side. On the other side we glued on a piece of thin paper which had all the party information (date time address what to bring etc.) The tiny pillows looked absolutely adorable! I gave them to my friends at school. 

DECORATIONS:  We had the bouncy house outside in our backyard. It was pretty cool! In the dining room we had a fun and funky tablecloth (purple black and silver). We got matching paper plates and cups and we even took some cloth with a similar design and decorated the chairs. It looked awesome! I had silver sparkly streamers all over the living room and black and purple balloons scattered throughout. A huge sign against the wall read "First Annual Living Room Auction" (explained later). The whole room looked really festive. 

ACTIVITIES: When the guests arrived we immediately went into the bouncy house. It was a blast! We spent almost two hours jumping slipping flipping and rolling around laughing. If we got tired we would run inside for a drink of water but would quickly return for more. In the bouncy house we played a number of games. 

GAMES (Bouncy House): Crack the Egg - One person lies in the middle of the bouncy holding there knees to their chest. This person is the egg. When it's go time people take turns (or go all at once) bouncing as hard as they can and trying to "crack the egg or get the person to release their knees. The person ends up flying in the air trying to stay together!  Upright Slip n' Slide- Everyone brings their sleeping bag into the bouncy house. The stand up with their body inside it. On go, everyone starts hopping around as quickly as they can. The bouncy house is super slippery, so it's really easy to fall in the sleeping bags. The last one standing is the champion. 

PARTY SNACKS: After bouncing, it was time for food. We had taken pizza orders when everyone got there, so everyone had exactly what they wanted! We also had a mini salad bar with lettuce, veggies, olives, and dressing among other things. We had my dad's famous garlic bread at the table to snack on as well. As for drinks, we had milk, water, lemonade, and sparkling cider.   After dinner we had dessert. My friends and I made a unanimous decision that cake was out this year, so I decided to do something creative. We set up a sundae bar in our own kitchen! There was chocolate, vanilla, and mint chip ice cream, brownie bites, fruit, chocolate and caramel syrup, candies, and sprinkles. It was super fun to make sundaes!      In addition to dinner, there were snacks placed strategically throughout the house and outside. These included cheese puffs, chips, and a platter with cheese, fruit, veggies, and dip. 

GAMES (night games at the park): By this time it was pretty dark outside, so we hopped in the car and drove to the local park, which has a huge grassy area that's great for games. I had instructed everyone to bring a flashlight, so we got to play some awesome games. Pirates and the Lighthouse: Pick one person to stand on one end of the field. This person is the lighthouse, and gets a flashlight. Everyone else stands on the opposite side of the field. On go, all the pirates" run in the dark towards the lighthouse while the lighthouse who has their eyes closed counts to ten. The pirates' goal is to hide behind a tree or trash can or something before the lighthouse gets to ten. After ten the lighthouse has 20 seconds to shine their flashlight around and call out anyone in view. If they are seen they have to go back to start. Then the cycle repeats. The winner is the person who first can run and tag the lighthouse.  Wax Museum: One person is the museum keeper. Everyone else spreads out and strikes a pose as if they are a statue. While the keeper who is walking around and examining statues has their back turned the statues move and make new positions. If caught they are out. The last statue standing wins.  Dark Egg Hunt: I filled colorful plastic easter eggs with fake money. Everyone had a half hour to hunt for them and find them with only their flashlights. The money is used later at my little "auction" at my house but this game works great when you fill the eggs with prizes as well. 

ACTIVITIES (continued): After playing night games at the park we came back to my house. We went into the living room and tallied up all the money each person had found and then started the auction. I laid out shoeboxes on the floor that each had a different clue word on them. These words corresponded with a secret prize inside. Here are some examples:  "Sweet Lips" = Candy flavored lip balms "Sour and Sweet" = Lemon drops and chocolate candies "Water Fight" = 6 mini squirt guns One by one I "auctioned" off these little prize boxes to my friends. It was a blast and everyone got something they wanted! Everyone was freaking out because they didn't know what they were spending their "money" on.  After the auction we went into my backyard for a movie. We set up a projector and put up a huge white tarp against the side of my house. We also put a tarp on the ground and brought our sleeping bags and pillows out there. There was a little popcorn bar set up where you could scoop popcorn into a bag and top it with whatever you want. The toppings were melted butter salt cinnamon-sugar powdered cheese chocolate and caramel sauces and garlic powder.

We watched the movie "I am Sam" which is a FANTASTIC film that made us all cry. We made sure we could all here but it wasn't loud enough to disturb the neighbors.  After the movie we did something like pin the tail on the donkey. We wrapped a poster of our favorite celebrity in plastic wrap and put it on the wall. We took turns wearing a blindfold and putting on lipstick. Whoever kissed closest to the lips got to take home the poster.   By then it was around midnight. We went out to the bouncy house and brought all of our pillows and sleeping bags with us. We also brought a lantern and a CD player. Since the bouncy house was outside we could talk as much as we wanted without waking everyone up (yes we checked with the neighbors first). We talked for a very long time and continued playing the previous games and some new awesome games well into the night. 

GAMES (bouncy at night):  Musical sleeping bags: It's just like musical chairs but you have to get into a sleeping bag instead of onto a chair. We made sure to have the CD player on very low so that we didn't wake anyone.  Telephone: The normal games where you whisper a phrase in a circle and see how it turns out.  PIT: It's a awesome card game. Get it!  Piggly-Wiggly: One person is "it". They leave the bouncy house. Everyone else gets into a random sleeping bag and hides in there. Then "it" comes back and sits on one sleeping bag and says "piggly-wiggly". The person inside has to say "HELLO" in a disguised voice and "it" has to guess who they are or start over!   We didn't really get any sleep because there was so much fun stuff to do in the bouncy house! 

PARTY SNACKS (continued): In the morning we had pancakes for breakfast. My mom made a basic buttermilk batter and distributed it into separate bowls that we could add to. I added apple chunks to mine and some of my friends added blueberries cinnamon or chocolate chips. It was pretty fun!

PARTY FAVORS: Everyone took home their auction prizes as a party favors along with a little flashlight on a keychain to remember all the fun.  I think everyone had a blast and this bouncy house/night games slumber party still gets talked about after nearly a year!  "

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