Sleepover Party

Spa Sleepover Party -14yr- Basement Spa




Sleepover Party


Jennifer in Glenburnie, Ontario, Canada


May 2012


Honorable Mention

For my 14th birthday, I had no idea what to do, until I came across the idea of a spa sleepover! I've always had sleepovers for my parties, because it keeps the fun going all night, and it makes great memories with friends.

For party invitations, I made them up on the computer, with a picture of a girl getting her nails done on the front. Inside, I included when my party would take place, where it was, what to bring, and the RSVP number.

Because parties can cost a lot of money these days, I decided only to invite four friends, to cut down on the cost, and also because you can have a better time not trying to entertain 10 different people.

To prepare for the party, I asked my friends to each tell me their favourite food, snack, and drink, so I'd have at least one thing they all liked best. I also asked them to bring some of their favourite nail polishes and make up, and a movie if they wanted. I decorated my basement, where the sleepover would take place, with green and purple streamers, some old sheets over the  and on the floor prevent nail polish stains, and some pillows and candles here and there, for a comforting mood.

My dining room, where we'd eat dinner and open presents, had a green tablecloth and some balloons and streamers. I set up all my nail polish on a table for my friends to choose from if they wanted and some decals, along with a bowl with some different face masks, a few nail files, a cucumber for eyes, a lemon and a hot kettle if they wanted  steam facials, some nail polish remover, and old towels.

When my guests arrived, I showed them quickly around my house, and let them place their stuff in my basement, where we'd also be sleeping. We went outside for a while because I have a really big backyard, and we could run around for a while and just hang out playing games until dinner.

For dinner, we had pizza and salad, and little cupcakes for dessert, which my friends got to decorate themselves. We opened presents after this, and went downstairs into our spa.

We decided to do facials first, and nails second, so we could relax and watch a movie while they dried. A few decided to do the steam, so we cut up some round lemon slices, and put them in a big bowl of hot water, and they put their face in the steam coming off the bowl, with a towel covering their head so the steam didn't evaporate all over the room.

Then, we each washed our faces and put a face mask on, and some cucumber slices over our eyes, and relaxed for ten minutes.

After this we started nails. Each girl chose a colour for toes and another for fingers, and had the option of decals or stickers too.

Once all our nails were beautiful and painted, we settled down to watch a movie.

After this was done, we went upstairs and got some snacks, like chips and such, and set up our sleeping arrangements. We talked for a while, played games like truth or dare and sardines (one person hides in the dark, everyone else has to go and find them, and hide with them until the last person finds all the ''sardines'' squished in one hiding place), watched TV, played x-box and wii games, listened to music,sang, and surfed the web.

We stayed up for a while, but eventually fell asleep. In the morning for breakfast, the girls could make smoothies, have pancakes, waffles, bacon, yogurt, and fruit. Then we went downstairs, and gave each other makeovers to get ready for the day! We all then packed up our stuff, and went upstairs to wait for their parents.

For the loot bags, there was body wash, a bath fizz, nail files, a little bottle of nail polish, and some chocolate.

All my friends say they had a great time, and they can't wait for next years party!

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