Sleepover Party

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Sleepover Party


Lila in Newport Beach, CA, USA


May 2012



For my 13th birthday, I wanted to re-visit the time when I was a little girl with silly party themes. I decided to invite only my best friends because they wouldn't laugh at my party idea, and they'd also understand my reason for throwing the bash.

INVITATION: For invitations, my mom and I sent out dog and cat party invites, and on the bottom we wrote, Team Cat" or "Team Dog" for our scavenger hunt to take place later on. We also added on all of the needed party information and then we added cute fonts/paper/etc. all from scratch.

DECORATIONS: For decor we hung green and blue balloons and streamers. We also had a dog tablecloth and plates but we had cat napkins and cups. To emphasize the storm of animals theme we added hanging dogs and cats from the ceiling as banners. We also decked out our dining room with a banquet for all of the guests and meals later on. 

THE PARTY: For activities (since it was a sleepover) we put our sleeping bags down in my room and then we had dinner. For dinner was an assortment of different foods: pizza pasta caesar salad and for snacks we had "Doggone Chow Mix" and "Kit Cats" etc. We also had drinks such as sprite pink lemonade and more. We then had "Pupcakes" and "Catcakes".

Soon we headed over to the local mall and we went to build a bear and we were permitted to make either a cat or a dog stuffed animal with the outfits and such. Then we went to the local pet store (they didn't have actual pets just apparel and stuff) and picked out some fun toys for my dogs.

When we got home we played around with my dogs and then we were ready for our scavenger hunt. So we had already divided our teams so now we just needed to play. Basically we had to pester our neighbors if they had any of the stuff we needed but that was kind of risky due to many of them were away so we combined that and my mom and dad hid the trinkets throughout my neighborhood.  

The dog team won naturally so we rewarded them each with a good gift card. We also took pictures with each other and did regular girl games in between the fun (hide and seek Wii went to the park nail painting board games) It then was getting late so we all put on our pjs cranked up some tunes and just danced and my dogs enjoyed the ruckus.

Next we munched on popcorn and candy while we snuggled with my dogs and prepared for a good movie. We watched Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and then since some girls hadn't fallen asleep yet we also played Marmaduke. By then all of the girls were ready for a good night's sleep and suprisingly there were no late night commotions!

The next morning we chomped down on breakfast cereals and then played with my dogs until the girl's parents came to pick them up. For party favors we gave each girl a dog or cat headband and other pet-tastic trinkets. It was a very fabulous party and my friends had a blast."

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