Sleepover Party

Sleepover Party -13yr- Comercial Break Game




Sleepover Party


Kristen in Chesterfield, MO USA


June 2007



For my 13th Birthday, I'm going to have a sleepover party. Here are the details:

INVITATIONS - I'll have my two best friends come over and pose" for pictures with me in dress-up type outfits. You could do this by yourself to avoid hurting your other friends' feelings. We're going to take our favorite picture and print it on cute paper then give all the information including to bring a sleeping bag.

DECORATIONS: At my house there will be everything at a usual party (streamers ballons etc.) in my favorite colors yellow and purple. My room will be turned into a "dressing room" for a later activity so lights around my mirror and makeup etc. laid everywhere. Going down the stairs to my basement will be cheap red fabric to make a "red carpet" and a bunch of movie colored ballons. There's going to be a long table filled with all the movie essentials popcorn candy soda for the girls to eat during the movie.

PARTY: My parents will rent a limo which none of the other girls will know about and are going to pick us up from school on Friday. One of the girls goes to a different school so we're going to pick her up from her house. Then the limo will take us to the mall for shopping. We're setting a limit for the girls - they can only bring up to $75.

After we're going to a salon to get manicures/pedicures for all the girls. This could be pricy so watch which place you pick.

Then we're going to pick out 2 movies that everyone would want to watch and come back to my house. We'll have the usual to eat - pizza and cake. Then we'll open presents and relax for a little.

Now we start the games! Everyone will come up to my room to give each other makeovers and get dressed up. Make sure the invitation says to bring a nice outift.

Then we'll proceed back downstairs to start our "Commercial Break." Random partners are assigned and a product of any kind is given to them. The groups will have 25 minutes to come up with a script to advertise their product and practice it. Then we'll video tape each of them. After that we'll play magazine hunt. Everyone is assigned a different partner and will have 20 minutes to find articles pictures etc. in various magazines from a list given to them. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

After will be "WHO AM I?" Everyone is given a famous celebrity to put on their back. Unaware as to who it is they have to ask people yes or no questions about them to try to find out who they are. Prizes will be given to the 1st 2nd and 3rd place. It will be about 10:30 now and everyone will go to my basement to watch the selected movies.

The snack table will be set up. Later we're going to play truth or dare - with a "spin." Truths and dares are placed inside a bottle and someone spins it to start it off. Whoever it lands on will pick a piece of paper out of the bottle answer or do the dare then spin to bottle for the next person.

When we wake up my mom is going to make chocolate chip pancakes and have a variety of fruit laying out along with orange juice milk and water. We'll hang out outside until the parents come.

GOODYBAGS: My dad will make CDs out of the commercials and a slideshow of pictures. These will be put in the goodybag along with candy lipgloss and a gift certificate to bath and body works.

NOTE: the prizes for the games can be a big candy bar magazine nail polish lipgloss gift certificate etc.

I hope some of this helps you plan an awesome party! "

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