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Hotel Sleepover Party


Scoti in Queen Creek AZ, United states


June 2008


Honorable Mention

For my 13th birthday party I invited 23 of my friends and we stayed at a hotel.

INVITATIONS:: For my invitations we bought pink and green card stock and decorated them with ribbon, glitter, and markers and it looked really cute! Since I was inviting people from my previous schools I mailed them their invites and passed out the other one at school for the people who go to school with me now. I also emailed reminder invites to everybody who I had their email. On the invites I included what they should bring.

DECORATIONS: For my decorations I couldn't choose between a pink and black theme or a pink and green one, so i did both. My parents and I arrived at the hotel an hour and a half early to set up. We got 2 rooms on the bottom floor (so we didn't annoy people so much), one for my parents and one for us. In the party room I hung up pink and black streamers and threw pink and black confetti everywhere. My mom also rented a helium tank so we blew up pink and black balloons and let them float to the ceiling.We also blew up some by ourselves and put them on the floor. We pushed both of the beds over to the wall for more room and for people to sleep on when they get tired.

We brought a long table from home and placed it near the wall so there was enough room for people to sit around it. On the table I had placed homemade place cards so my friend knew where to sit. I sprinkled some confetti over the table and on the paper plates we had.I also placed a bowl of m&m candies in the center for later use. In the bathroom was where we would do spa stuff and play 3 of our games. I put a sign up at the top of the doorway that said Welcome to Pamper Palace" with pink and green streamers over the border of the door. Inside the bathroom we set up stations like nails makeup and put pink and green confetti everywhere. There were pink and green make up boxes for each station with the supplies. There were also pink and green towels bars of soap and shower curtain.

When the guests arrived I had them put everything they brought in the hotel closet and sit down at there assigned seats. When they sat down we played an ice-breaker to get to know each other.I told everyone they could pick any # of m&ms out of the bowl. When everyone took some I had them count their green m&ms and tell that many things about them selves it was so fun!!! Then the pizza came and we ate some and left the rest on the table for later.

Then we went to the area of the room where we had set up chairs for a "waiting room" to wait our turn for our pampering. I was first since it was my birthday and everyone else had to draw straws. My mom and her friend did all the pampering while my step-dad brought out a few mags and board games while the others wait their turn. My mom and her friend surprised everyone in different styles. They didn't ask "ok what hairstyle do you want?" or anything like that they just chose what makeup and hairstyle looked best on you.

On the invites I included they should each bring a formal dress. When they got their makeovers by my mom and her friend they went and changed into them and we had a fashion show. We took pics and they looked great!

After that we played a fashion game called "Fashion Mummy" that’s where you have 2 people on each team and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Each team gets 10 inutes in the bathroom creating their outfit and then models it. Then we went back in the room and played piggly wiggly. You have to pick someone to be it and they go out of the room.When the person who is it leaves everyone goes into someone elses sleeping bag and the person who is it comes back in and tries to gues who is in whechever sleeping bag. After that we went to the bathroom and played a game where you blind fold some one and they try to put makeup on theirselves. It is so funny!

Then we did bloody Mary in the bathroom (not reccomended for young ones!) When we were done with that we had a dance off and then ate cake. I don’t like cake so I got one of those cakes that is a cookie with whipcreme ontop of it. Yum!! Also on the invites I told them to bring jeans and a t-shirt they were allowed to decorate. We decorated them with a bedazzler fabric paint and other cool things. Some people knew how to sew so they made designs for other people. We then played truth or dare would you rather and hot or not.

When we started to get tired we layed all the pilllows on the floor and watched movies. First we watched scary mivies then chic flicks so we wouldn’t stay scared. The first person to fall aslepp payed the price!! We had some washable markers and we drew on her face then did the ol' shaving cream trick. What can I say? She was warned!! We took pics of EVERYTHING we did at the party and the next day when everyone went home we gave them their goodie bags with every pic they were in. When everyone left me and my best friend went to Castles and Coasters with my real dad. The last thing me and my best friend did was go to the mall and blow all by birthday money!! Everyone had a blast and talked about it for weeks!! I hope this works for you!"

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