Sleepover Party

Sleepover Party (13-14yr) Make Body Glitter




Sleepover Party


Kayla in Leetonia, OH, USA


May 2008


Special Mention

For my Party, there was not really an event like a birthday or anything, I just thought that with not having a BIG 13th B-Day party I deserved one. This Party was an all girl party so I invited my 5 closest friends. I planned this party for three and a half weeks, but it all paid off and we all had a blast!

INVITATIONS: For my invitations I saidYou're Invited to a Slumber Party! When: , Where: , I told them to (besides the usual stuff) bring a stuffed animal, a pair of fancy clothes, I also included some of the things we would be doing that night.   Then I turned the letters pink and blue, since that was the color theme, and printed them out. I folded them in three and gave them to my friends. 

DECORATION: For Decoration I had pink and blue balloons and streamers everywhere and a Teddy Bear wearing PJ's as my centerpiece on the dining table, to tie along with the sleepover theme. 

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: For my Party once my friends got to my house, I handed out goody bags (more about goody bags below) and explained all the rules to my guests so everything would flow smoothly. When hosting a party it's very important for your guests to know all house rules so if something happens you won't get blamed for not telling your guests the rules. Once we ate dinner I had each of us pair up and we did each others make-up, hair, and then we did facials.

After that we all played a game where you get ten bottles of nail polish and a regular bottle, like an empty Coke bottle or something, to spin. Then you all take turns spinning the bottle and whatever the cap lands on, you paint your nail that color. After we all had painted our nails and let them dry, we put our colorful hands in a circle and took a picture. Then we changed into the fancy clothes I asked them to bring and we modeled them. Then we changed into out pajamas and modeled them too!

After all that modeling I had a game to sorta wind us down a bit. What I did was ask them to bring a small stuffed animal and I put them all in a pile and blindfolded someone and they had to find their stuffed animal just by feeling all of them. If they thought they had their stuffed animal they said: I have it and we either applauded or said: No try again to tell them if they really had it. Whoever said: I have it the least got a piece of candy of their choice.

Afterward we went to my dining table and I gave them glitter, a small shampoo-like bottle that I found at the store and a stick. Then I explained that they were going to make their own Body Glitter. You can do it two ways, you can put Aloe Vera gel in the bottle, add the glitter and stir with the stick or you can put the Aloe Vera gel in a small container and add the glitter and spoon it into the bottle. Then I handed out markers and crayons and gave them a white label so they could give their personal body glitter a fun and creative name. Since I had disposable cameras in the goody bags for all of the girls, I had them taking pictures all night long.

Then while we watched Sleepover, my mom went and got the film developed. After the movie ended, we returned to the dining table and I provided white and colored paper, markers, crayons, some colored pencils and glitter and other scrap booking supplies. Since we all modeled clothing, I had all of the girls pick there favorite picture of them modeling (either fancy or pajamas) and made like a little magazine inside the scrapbook. On the first page I had the model put her best model picture and a picture of her glitter that we made previously.

On the second page, before the party, I had the model write on a piece of paper her hair color, eye color, favorites like: animal, color, and thing to do, and other special things about the model (like they do in magazines) and then I went on my computer and typed it all up and when we were making the scrapbooks, I had them pick out their favorite font and then I printed it out. After all of the girls designed and printed their pages, we put together the other pictures that they had and put that in our scrapbook. Once we finished everything for the night none of us was tired and it was really late so we just talked until we all fell asleep.

FOOD: For dinner we ate pizza and for the rest of the night we just snacked on junk food like chips, pretzels, popcorn and m&'s. When we all woke up around 9 we ate pancakes and cereal with a glass of milk and/or orange juice. 

GOODY BAGS: For goody bags I wanted my guests to remember the party so I made them a picture frame with a picture of all of us in our pajamas. I also included a chocolate facial mask that I found on the Internet, small pieces of candy, a disposable camera, a pink and blue bracelet with their names on it that I made myself, lip gloss, nail polish etc.  I hope this helped you to plan a great party. It took a while to prepare everything but it was definitely worth it! All of the girls that came are still talking about it now even that it was a few months ago!

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