Sleepover Party

Swim Sleepover Bash -13yr- Local Pool Cabanna




Sleepover Party


Connor in Loveland, OH, US


August 2010



This year since I was turning 13, and it was summer, I decided to have a party at my local pool!  You know how us girls love to have fun, well It was so fun!

INVITATIONS- I got small squares of light blue paper and put ceramic wrap over it and it looked awesome! Under the ceramic wrap, I wrote the details to my party and what they should bring, ( Swimsuit,goggles,sleepover stuff,etc.). All the girls were going to meet at my house at noon, and we were going to drive up to the local pool.

DECORATIONS- My mom called the pool and reserved the shelter, so I decorated the shelter with my two favorite colors, pink and green! I had pink and green helium-filled balloons, pink and green streamers, plates, napkins, and cups. I used a bears dressed in swimsuits from the local party store as balloon weights. There were two tables in the shelter, so one table had a green cover and one had a pink cover. One table was for presents and food and the other was for talking and eating!

ACTIVITIES- We bought all 10 girls their own inner tube ( green and pink ) so we played games and hung out in those. We also played cherades off the diving board, and we laughed a lot during that game! And then we played categories, and other pool games, and we had 2 giant blow up whales, and those were LOTS of fun, very entertaining!

GAMES- We played cherades off the diving boards, jumped off the low and high dives, raced down the two swirly waterslides, and floated and played games in our inner tubes!

COSTUMES- Everyone wore their bathing suits!

PARTY SNACKS- How could you forget party snacks? We had a variety of chips and sodas, and veggies and dip and watermelon. We also provided water.

CAKE- My mom ordered this awesome cake from a bakery near by! It was a vanilla cake with blue icing and ten girls in innertubes! ( The innertubes were little gummy Lifesavers and the girls were Sour Patch Kids with litle strings of licorice for hair!) and it said HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY CONNOR! It was amazing.

Once we got home, we played truth or dare and all the other fun sleepover games! We ate ice cream sundaes and went in my hot tub for a couple hours! Then we watched movies untill we fell asleep. All the girls got picked up except for my best friend, and we went to the mall and spent some bonding time ( and spent my birthday money on clothes:)!)

FAVORS- The girls took home  their innertubes, pink or green flip flops from old navy, and a t-shirt that said  I had an awesome time at Connor's pool party BASH! And a picture of us all in our swimsuits. (We got the t-shirts done at walgreens you can put a picture on a t-shirt and make it say anything!)

Overall it was an AWESOME party! My friends still talk about it! Hope you use some of these ideas for your pool party bash! :)  "

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