Sleepover Party

Spa Sleepover Party -13yr- Booty and Bust




Sleepover Party


Natalee in  Las Cruces New Mexico USA


August 2010



For my 13th Birthday party I wanted to do something fun and memorable since I will be a teenager! So my idea is to meet at the mall then go over to my house for a sleepover and spa! Even though having only 3-5 people for a sleepover is better, i invited 10 people and they all slept over except the ones who were busy in the mornings or parents would not let them.

INVITATIONS~ I bought 3 by 3 cards at target(i just wanted them to be fun and colorful!), put stickers on the outside such as balloons, birthday cakes, and party hats!, and printed the information such as what, where, and when. They were really fun and colorful and that which set off the mood of my party!

DECORATIONS~ For the decorations the color themes were purple and pink (my two favorite colors!) and all I did was get a bunch of streamers, balloons, and stuff such as tablecloths, napkins, and plates, etc. It doesn't seem like much but it was simple and fun!

ACTIVITIES~ From the beginning we started with a fun scavenger hunt at the mall where we gave each teams of 5-6, 13 dollars and had them buy as many purple or pink items as they could for the money they had and if it was a tie it was who ever spent the least amount of money!  From there we would go to my house and play fun games (more about this later!), whack a pinata, open presents, have dinner (we are going to have hamburgers and hotdogs but you can really do anything!), do a little spa makeover, and watch movies girly movies that the guests pick and fall asleep most likely during the movies!

GAMES~ For the games for the party we are going to play games such as chubby bunny where you put marsh mellows in your mouth and try to say chubby bunny!, cotton ball scoop where you get kitchen tongs and get marshmellows from the bowl in front of you to the one in back of you going over your head blindfolded, skittles in flour where you have to find all the skittles in the flour and eat them!,

Also booty and bust where you put water balloons in a net in a tree and fill the net with water balloons (the water balloons with water in them are half full and the ones with out are filled with a surprise such as candy or little things that go with the theme of your party), you divide the kids into two teams and they take turns popping the balloons in the net blindfolded with a big stick (prizes are 5 points water is -5 points) the team with the most points win!, and the last game is an obstacle course (you can make up the steps depending on what the kids like to do).

At night after everyone is pajamas and still won't settle down you can play games like musical pillows, frozen shirt( where you put as many shirts in the freezer as there is guests and have them un fold he shirt and put it on as fast as they can and whoever is fastest wins), and kiss the poster ( you print out pictures of cute famous people and give them each there own lip gloss or lipstick and who ever is closest to the pictures lips wins). These games were really fun and helped everyone fall asleep faster too!

FAVORS~ For favors we are giving them there own spa stuff such as face masks and pedicure sets that we will use and matching pajamas, and the candy from the pinata. This party was really fun and I hope you get your birthday party ideas from it too!!!

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