Sleepover Party

Princess Slumber Party (17-18yr) Fun Questions




Sleepover Party


Praew in Muang, Khon Kaen, Thailand


March 2007


Honorable Mention

At first I have to say my party is not exactly what I have planned. But it's good to have a plan before the party. (So that you'll have everything you need.)  I live in Thailand, where teenagers never have slumber party. (I was an AFS exchange student to NV, USA. So I know some fun stuffs.)

My party was for:

1.The first-time-in-our-lives-ever-slumber-party.
2.Graduation (My friends and I graduated from high school.) 
3.Before Prom
4.Might be the last time we get together. (It's a summer break, but we don't hang out much.)

We live a little bit far away from each other.)And we're going to different Universities this June.. (Because we're grown-up. So I don't set up much activities about Disney Princess. I just wanna boost" their confidence that they ARE Princess. Well they're shy.)  With all the reasons that's why I wanted to make this "Unforgettable". 

The invitations; Make it look like a bed and a pillow. Folding pink paper in half. Cut the top of the first half up a bit so this will look like a blanket on the sheet and show half of the smallest size doile paper. (I don't know how to spell that. But I want "doile" to mean the beatiful circle white paper that is normally under the cake)At the front page decorate in your guest's name. Inside make a little pocket to insert two things. First is an invitations. Another one is a small booklet containing schedules and what to bring. Don't forget asking your guests to dress in the color of their Princess. (Like blue for Cinderella or yellow for Belle.) 

For the party; I met up my friends at the mall around 11 A.M. Had some food at the foodcourt then shopping and window-shopping around. Then we had ice-cream at Swensen's. Then we walked and caught a bus to the VCD rental. (We don't drive here.) Then my dad picked us up to my home.

I decorated my room in pink and Disney Princess stuffs. (Like notebooks money-box Cinderella-barbie and others.)My friends helped me decorated the mirror by the jelly we bought from the mall.

Then we played games like Jenga and some  kind of cards called Circus.

Then I called to order delivery-pizza.  While waiting for the pizza we had lots of fun with scavenger hunt. I told my friends to bring a present for each of us. It could be hand-made or if you have to buy-get something not expensive.. The presents would be take to our dorms as a keepsake and remind us of the night and our friendship.  I told them the specific area to hid presents. In the garden don't come inside the house and don't out of the fences. We took turn hiding presents then finding the presents in the same time. No clue for the first time then we'd give some clue a bit more each round until we get all of the presents.

Then we had pizza and coke watched Aquamarine and went out.  At 10 P.M. my dad drove us (on the truck!!!!) to the local sit-down-milk-café. We had some hot milk/coco and toasts. The café had no chairs we sat on the floor to the Japanese table. Then back to my bedroom doing some girl activities as follows:

The presents I gave my friends were Disney Princess notebook. (In the tulle bag I sewed myself. Insert some ribbon in the color that matches the notebook covers. And decorate with some crystal on some safety-pins. The back of the tag is my hand-written thank you notes. Oh and a paper typing the party dates and stuffs inside this bag.) I told them to bring their notebooks and sat on my bed. First thing is let them decorate their notebook. (I asked them to bring lots of colored pens and stickers.) Then I had them wrote down what presents did they get from whom. Then we wrote each other B-days and our promises. (Like we'd contact each other at least once a month and we'd send snail mail every X'mas.)

Then I started the biggest hit-The Questions!!!  I asked them questions we took turn answering and we jotted down our answers and everybody's answers in our notebooks. The questions first start with our relationships then about school then some crazy stuffs. Like:

What do you love about us?
What was your fav class at school?
What was your best moment in school?
Who was your favorite teachers?

This is so great. It made us feel our bonds and how much we love each others. Through the night we revealed lots of secrets! (We have been best friends for 3 years but something we had just known that night for the first time!!)  After that I started The Votes. Just some crazy stuffs like Ms.Beauty-addict Ms.Sensitive and so on. This made us laugh giggle and shout..

Finally we slept at 3 A.M.!!!  In the morning I just couldn't sleep in. (I'm a morning person.) I got up at 6 A.M. doing some chores and made them a dessert. (It's kind of pudding or jello. It's Chinese sweets I couldn't explain more.)

After my friends got up we watched romantic Korean movie while finishing 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle on Disney Princess theme.

Then we had lunch I cooked with the dessert! Watched some movies and played Circus while waiting for their moms to pick up.  Notes; This party should add dancing and make-overs. But my friends are not girly so I don't make them unforgettable. But I believe you girls in the US would love to dance and  doing the makeover right? 

I hope my idea about the questions would help you have a wonderful time with your best friends! (Plus the notebook is a keepsake containing fun memories that would make them smile when they read later!)"

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