Sleepover Party

Chocolate Sleepover (13-16yr) Candyland




Sleepover Party


Hannah in Calera, Alabama, USA


August 2012


Special Mention

Hannah’s Chocoholic Sleepover - 

INVITATIONS: On the front it will have a picture of me wearing a chocolate brown dress,my big pageant crown (one of my many!) and my sash that says Miss Chocoholic" (I won that title last year) And on the back it will have all the traditonal info like the who, what, when, and where. And it will be in the curlz font and the invitation will be a chocolatey brown color and I will spray them with chocolate body spray and mail them in pink envelopes with chocolate scented stamps and the stamp itself will be in the shape of  hershey's kiss9my mom got them from here fall trip to hershey's Pennsylvania this year)  Party times: 7:00 to 12:00 (it’s a sleepover!!!!)  Color scheme: Bubblegum pink and chocolate brown  Costumes: there will be NO costumes! LOL:)  Location:My big house  Number of people: 10 

DECORATIONS: Hannah’s Chocoholic Sleepover signs disco ball and sound system pink and brown helium balloons/streamers pink/white Christmas lights pink flowers with brown/white polka dot ribbon tied around the vases brown and pink tablecloths pink plates/napkins brown cups/utensils the chocoholic spa sign chocolates in fancy glass bowls teen magazines and chocolate scented candles.  The Party: The guests will arrive at 7:00. While everyone gets here they will be staying in my room chatting reading teen magazines watching TV and munching on chocolates in fancy glass bowls. (No one knows about the theme or what we are doing and they haven’t seen the big reveal of the party room yet) Then once everyone is here we will all go upstairs for the big reveal! And hopefully everyone will be surprised and amazed by what it looks like! I hope!

ACTIVITIES/GAMES:  First we will do a hot chocolate making contest and each person will create their own hot chocolate and give it a unique name and then the judges will decide which one tastes the best. Also next we are going to play a sickening game where you have to dip something gummy into chocolate 3 times in a row freeze it and put whipped cream on it and just keep piling sweet stuff on it. Everyone will make theirs sickening in hopes to serve it to someone else.

Next we will play candy land. And the person with the highest score puts one of the treats o the lowest score’s plate. Keep playing until all but one person has nothing left on their plate! And then that person has to eat every single treat! Afterword’s we will all go to the living room which is the main party area and we will put on the disco ball dance do karaoke munch on the chocolatey goodies chat and read teen magazines (anyone can just do whatever!) After all of that we may play m&m challenge! You pick two m&m’s from a bowl blindly and if they are the same color you can eat them if not you have to keep them in your mouth. The game is over when everyone’ has no m&m’s left. The winner is the person who has eaten the most throughout the game.

Next we will be relaxed and pampered at the chocolate spa but first we will take before pictures! There will be a manicure table and a facial/pedicure area and everyone will divide into partners and pamper each other! Facials/pedicures: First they cover faces with a brown towel wringed in warm water.  Then they pat face dry and apply the chocolate mask.  With eyes covered by cucumbers while getting feet done. Soak in the footbaths and then cover feet in a chocolate sugar scrub nails filed and chocolate lotion applied and then nails will be painted either pink or a chocolatey brown with nail decals. Manicures: It will be the same treatment as our feet except with bowls of warm water instead of the foot baths. After everyone has gotten their spa treatment at the chocolate spa we will take after pictures and then look at the before and after shots on the wii. After that we will all make our own chocolate bars and give it a unique name and come up with our brands and stuff like that. And we can trade chocolates and make announcements about our newest types of chocolate in our own individual chocolate shops etc. Then we will do videos for ads for our chocolate shops and then watch them.

Next we will have my amazing cake and then open presents. After that we will watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Later on it’s time for the grand finale! The heart piƱata with all kinds of chocolate goodies and girly stuff! And since it is a sleepover we will stay up ALL NIGHT!!!!!! And eat TONS of chocolate goodies and play classic sleepover games like: truth or dare telephone would you rather pillow fight just dance game on the wii and hide n go seek! 

PARTY SNACKS: Pizza chocolate fondue with strawberries, and marshmallows, chocolate cookies chocolate bars, and chocolate truffles, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate ice cream bar: sprinkles, chocolate sauce, cherries, gummy bears, and crushed candy bars.  Drinks: hot chocolate, chocolate milk, water, fruit punch, and coke. 

CAKE: (bottom to top) Cookie layer Melted chocolate and melted fudge with m&m’s, Crushed m&m’s and butterfingers, Melted chocolate, and melted fudge with kissables Final layer: vanilla sponge with vanilla icing (so no one will know about the super chocolatey inside!) On top: in mini mnm’s it will say Happy 15th Hannah!” and for the candle  it will be a rose and the pedals open up! With the candles lit up on the pedals and the center will be a real sparkler and it will do the happy birthday song! Bought on! 

FAVORS: (in pink bags with brown/white polka dot bows on the handles) Homemade chocolate bars, Chocolate scented lip gloss, Chocolate facial, How to put on chocolate makeup, Pink balloon that says pop me for treats! (Quick before I run out of puff!) And when they do, a shower of chocolatey treats will come out!  End Notes: Wish me luck for my party! I hope everyone will LOVE it!

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