Sleepover Party

The Hunger Games (13-14yr) Party & Sleepover




Sleepover Party


Mimi in Denver, CO, USA


July 2012



 I had an amazing sleepover idea, based off of the Hunger Games Movie. OK so first off my birthday hasn’t come yet, but this idea came to me after I saw the Hunger Games Movie!!

INVITATIONS: You need to hand out your invitations (I would try to invite people who have read at least the first Hunger games book, or if they've seen the movie), I thought of something like: (guests name) and You Have Been Reaped!" on the outside of the envelope. On the inside of the invitation say: Welcome to (your name) (how old you are going to be) annual Hunger Games Birthday!(I know it sounds kind of silly but you can be creative and come up with your own title). Tell your guests to bring a fancy dress, make up (if they want to) any FAKE/NERF weapons and clothes they can get dirty in.

DECORATIONS: OK now decorations. To be honest with you I don’t have any original ideas about decorations but I would check your local party store or check online.

ACTIVITES: Now your party is going to be in the afternoon most likely now the reason you need make up & Fancy clothes is because you can treat your guests to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. Activities to go along with that are doing each other’s nails hair and make up. I forgot to mention that you can play Truth or Dare as the interviews or just make up questions for a pretend interview!

GAMES: Then after(or before dinner it just matters what makes sense to you) get changed in to clothes that you and your friends can get dirty in. (while or before you eat dinner have ur parent(s) set up all the FAKE/NERF weapons in a pile on a big/med. sized field that will serve as ur Cornucopia!)

After you and your friends get changed come outside to the field and stand away from all the weapons at an equal distance (so it’s fair of course!) have one of your parents count down from 20 sec. and you can start playing the Hunger Games!!!! Here’s how the game works: you're all standing equally apart from the Cornucopia after the counter says "Go!" you can either go for the FAKE weapons or beeline it for somewhere safe. (you should pick a field with other vegetation besides grass)

It’s almost like a game of tag if someone touches you with one hand you've been "injured" if someone touches you with both hands ur "dead". Also if you've been "injured" 3 times you're "dead". And obviously if you get touched with a FAKE weapon Ur "dead" as well. U should also find a place for all the "dead" tributes to stay until the next round. You can play this game as many times as you want!!!

COSTUMES: You and ur friends can dress up like ur favorite Hunger Games characters: Katniss Rue Clove Foxface Johanna and Annie!

PARTY SNACKS: I also would put backpacks at the cornucopia filled with food band-aids (if necessary) and water/other beverages to serve as party snacks!! (But no fizzy drinks!) You can also play the Hunger Games in your neighborhood but no one gets to go indoors unless for bathroom breaks.

CAKE: Your cake you can get from a professional baker or u can bake and decorate your own cake at Ur house.

PARTY FAVORS: Party favors can include things like candy and any other Hunger Games items (that are cheap) u can find. There’s also a website called where you can create your own Hunger Games items!!!

Ok thanks for reading and I hope Ur party is really fun!! And "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!""

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