Miscellaneous Party


Cloud 9 Party -13yr- Angel Costumes

Teen House Party -13yr- Decorate Flip Flops

Water Party -13yr- Waterpark, Makeover, Sleepover

The Good Times -13yr- Tomogatchi Game

Create a Magazine -13yr- Magazine Scavenger

Fairy Party -13yr-  Pebble Toss Game

Astrology Party -13yr- Palm Reading

Pink & Silver Party -14yr- Mall and a Movie

Martha Stewart -15yr- Personalized Aprons

Teen Sleepover Party -13yr- Teen Games

Pink Party -13yr- Freeze Dance Game

Pajama Party -13yr- Limo Dinner & Cold Stone

Arts & Crafts Party -13yr- Collage and Crafts

Naughty or Nice Party -18yr- Angel Devil

Book Bash Party -14yr- Library Time

Color War Party (13-15yr) Teen Sleepover

Little Mermaid Party -13yr- Cookie Cake

Mix n' Match Party -13yr- Little of Everything

Redneck Spa Party (12-14yr)

Disney Dress-Up Party -15yr- Mall Fun

The Clique Party - Book Theme

Red Sox Party -14yr- Red Sox Relay

Winter Wonderland -13yr- Blue & White Snowflake Invite

Polyclarfic Bead Party -14yr- Bead Making

Christmas in April -13yr- Decorate Santa Hats

Hillbilly Hoedown Party -14yr- Hillbilly Poems

Olympics Party - Water Relay

Ultimate Game Show Party -14yr- Ice Melt

Fondue Party -14yr- Silly Food Race

Teen Magazine Party -Make A Magazine Craft

Pajama Party -18yr- Pillow-Like Invite

Emerald's Think Green Party -14yr- Green Food

Summer Party (12-16yr) Breakfast Parfaits

Photoshoot Party -13yr- Bubblegun Bubbles

Barbie Party -18yr- Barbie's Dream House

Music Lovers Party -14yr- Song Guessing Game

Think Green Party -17yr- Food Donations

Photography Party -15yr- Photo Scavenger Hunt

Zebra Scrapbooking Party -13yr- Break the Ice Game

Birthday Bash -13yr- Party Planning Details

Most Epic Party - Lots of Funny Games

Fungi Fiesta Mushroom Tea -19yr- Log Cake

Magical Forest Party -15yr- Water Fairies

Photo Trail Party -13yr- Photo Prints at Lunch

Outdoor Tea Party -15yr- Trees were Blooming

Jewelry Party -14yr- Jewelry Making Crafts

Tea Party -13yr- Make Bath Salts

Back To School Bonfire Party - Backyard Treehouse

Animal Shelter Party (11-16yr) Shelter Helpers

Candyland Party -14yr- Skittle Relay


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