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Steph in California, USA


September 2006



My 13th bday is coming up soon and I wanted to something fun and different. So my theme is:THE ULTIMATE PAJAMA PARTY!!

Invites:For my invites I'm going to have a white card. On the front of the card I'll have a cute image of a pair of pj's and a piece of colored paper behind it. Then on the inside of the card I'll have all the party info.I'll send the invites out 2 weeks before the party.

Guests: For this party I'm only inviting my 3 best friends. This party is going to be a sleepover and for any sleepver I reccomend only inviting 3-5 girls. Smaller parties are always more enjoyable. Also remember to invite girls that get along with each other, you don't want anyone fighting at your party!

Planning:I'm planning this party 6 weeks ahead of time. Always start planning parties sooner than later, so you have time to fix something if something goes wrong. It's also a good idea to keep a notebook, so you can write down all the importent info in it.

Decorations:For my decorations I'm going to have my 2 favorite colors, pink and blue, be the main theme. I'm going to have streamers, ballons, and christmas lights. I'll also have a teddy bear in pajamas for the table's center piece(to tie along with the pj theme).

Food:For the party we're going to be going out to dinner at a resturant, having an ice cream cake, and we will have a bunch of muchies at my house like;chips, m&ms, popcorn, and pretzels.

The Party: My party is going to start at 4:30 in the evening. My friends will arrive and will take the pj's from their goody bags(more about the goody bags below) and put them on. Our pj's will have matching bottems and different color tops.Then we will hang out for a little.

What they don't know is that a limo is going to come and pick us up!!!! In the limo will by blankets to snuggle with,bubbles,cds,and dvds. We will drive round in the limo for an hour. Then we will stop at my favorite resturant and eat dinner. Then we will hop back in the limo and drive us back to my house.

By now it will be around 7:00. When we arrive back at the house we will do the scavenger hunt. First we will split into 2 teams, the blue team and the pink team.The goal of the game is to find either all of the pink items, or all of the blue items. The winners will get a pair of slippers(to tie in with the theme).

Once we are finished, we will have Cold Stone ice cream cake and open presents. After that, the rest of the night is up to us! We could make a video, do a pj photoshoot with a disposable camera, talk,do dance competitons,or watch a movie. The next morning we will have a big pancake breakfast and the girls we leave around 10:00.

Goody Bags:In my goody bags will be;chocolate bars, a pair of pj's from Old Navy,small candies,and one item from Bath and Body works.The girls will also have the items form the scavenger hunt and the things from the limo to put in their bags. Over all, I think this party will be a blast!!

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