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Miscellaneous Teen Party


Rachel in Woodbury NJ, USA


August 2006



This party is for anyone who really who loves to shop. But It'll be my 13th birthday. My mom said that it could be more pricey since I'm entering the teen years. So its a little more special than all my other birthdays.But its not that pricey. I got all my stuff from the Dollar store. First I would invite around 15 friends. My theme is pink, since it is my favorite color.

The invitations will be pink also. I would ask each guest to wear something pink. Its an all girls party. Then I would get all the napkins,plates,cups and streamers pink. The party would be in my basement. I would put streamers at the end of the stairs then take a picture of everyone in there pink outfit with the streamers behind them. Then we would play some games.

GAMES: ( these games are from other entries that i thought were really fun) First we would play a game called Theif. its were you get 2 decks of cards. And three prizes for each girl. Since my Birthday is in November i got candy earlier from Halloween. I picked air heads,sour straws and bubble gum. You give each girl 3 cards. Then you show each card one by one. And if one girl has the matching card she picks a prize from the middle.

EXAMPLE: Carli has 2. So if the dealer shows a 2 then she would pick. Then they put the candy behind there back. When each girl has 3 peices of candy. You take all the cards and shuffle them then deal each girl 3 cards again. Now if the girl has the same card the dealer shows she can ask someone else for there candy. ONLY if they remember. IF they dont then they have to give there candy to the girl.

EXAMPLE: Jenna has a 4 and the dealer shows a 4. SO she asks Alex if she can have her Bubble gum. So if Alex does have a peice of Gum. She would give it to Jenna. BUt if she dosent. Jenna would have to give one of her candy to Alex.

The game goes on untill you run out of cards. Then the girl can trade to have what they want. Try to make it even so no one feels left out or only has 2 pieces when other have 4. Then we would play another game called magazine hunt. A day or two before your party pick out at least 5 items out of some magazines. Then pair your girls up in groups of 2 or 3. (Scince it was uneven I helped the girls who were having trouble. Try to make it even.) Then tell them to find those things. And write the page number by the item. To show they found it. Each girl in the winning group gets a prize.

CRAFT: after were done playing a couple games we would do a craft. Like a jewlrey box. Something you think the girls would use.

CAKE & ICE CREAM: While the craft dries we will go up in my dining room and have Cake. I picked a cookie cake because I really don't like regular cake. Then when everyone is done eating go downstaris again and play more games.

GAME: freeze dance. Tell the girls in there invite to bring a favorite CD. Then play freeze dance. The last girl gets a prize.Ask the girls who wants to be the judge if some girls don’t want to play. Then if some girls didn’t get prizes ask them to pick them out before they leave. OR you can play American Idol or just kareoke. They Still can bring CD's to dance or sing along with. Again ask 3 or 4 girl to be judges of they don’t want to sing. Then the girls would leave and get there craft. MaKe sure the girls have there names on the CD's.

NEXT: I wanted to do something other than just have a house party. Because my love for shopping I decided to ask my three friends to come with me to the Chery Hill Mall. And sleepover. ( ask friends that wouldn’t tell the other girls that they are sleeping over. Make sure you trust these friends that they wont.)

Then we would go to the mall and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!!! Plus get something to eat. Then we would come back to my house. Ask just the 3 girls you want or how ever many to bring there favorite movie. Ask them to pack it in there bag. And to keep it in there car so the other guests wont see. Then we would give outrsleves pedicures + manircures. While watching movies ALL NIGHT. And eating popcorn. Then we would wake up and eat breakfst. And pack up and stuff. I hope I gave you some ideas. And I hope that your party is as fun as mine will be!! Thank you for reading my long Party ideas!! Sorry its soo long !!

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