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Vanessa in N/A, Washington, USA


August 2006



Hello. I'm Vanessa. I'm going to do this for my 13th, but you might be able to change it around for a younger child.   For my 13th birthday I might do this kind of a glow themed type party with a little. Of everything!

The invitations: The invites wil be in neon colored designs. They'll say on the front, "You're invited…" The inside will say, "To Vanessa's 13th birthday! There will be dancing, music, glow golf, scavenger hunts, games, pizza, cake, presents, hot tubbing, and more!! Make sure you bring your swim suits!" Then on my good friends' invites I added "Also, you have been chosen to stay the night. Remember to bring your PJs, toothbrush, and anything else you need to spend the night!" Then for the info you'd just put,  "Party for: ______'s 13th birthday. At:__________ Adress:_____________ Time: __ to __ RSVP as soon as possible to (###) ###-#### or (###) ###-#### Hope to see you there!!!"  I mailed the invites 2 weeks before my birthday. So it wasn't too early and not too last minute. 

Since my birthday is on a half day of school, my mom will come and pick me and all my friends up from school at 11:15am. Then we get to my house at about 11:25am. While we are at my house, we'll wait for my friends who arent from my school to come. Once every is there my parents will take us to the mall. In our mall there is a glow in the dark, neon light, mini golf course. We will be able to play up to 36 holes. When we are done with that we will have a scavenger hunt through out the mall.  

Mall Scavenger Hunt rules: There will be probably 8 people there. There will be teams of 2. So 4 teams. Each team has find a certain kind of item in a certain kind of store for a certain price. Each team gets 5 dollars ($2.50 each person). For example: "Go to hot topic, and buy an item that has no black in it for the cheapest you can. It must be $1.00 or less." Then there will be 3 or 4 clues. The team who gets back to a planned spot 1st with their stuff wins a small prize. The team who has the most money left when they get back, gets to keep the money. Everyone gets to keep what they bought.  When that's all done, we'd go back to my house and play games until the pizza we ordered is there.

Once we eat, we'd take a break and play games with out physical activity a lot, because we don't want anyone getting sick. Then when that's done we'll have cake, then open presants. If there's anything we can use from my presants we'll go play with or use them. After that my mom will have our new deck decorated and we'll put our glow stuff back on, if anyone's glow stuff doesn't glow anymore, my mom will provide them with new ones. Once everyone has their glow stuff, we'll go out side and dance at nice with music, and dim light this will last for like an hour most likely.

When that is done, we'll all go in and get our swimsuits on then go in the hot tub. While we're in the hot tub, the people's parents who aren't spending the night, and the boys, will have to go home. The rest of us who are left will stay in the hot tub a little longer then go inside and get our PJs on, then we'll watch a movie  if anyone falls asleep during the movie we'll leave them there when the movie is over and those of us who are awake will go to my room and do games or just talk. When it gets late enough, we'll go to sleep in my room.

In the morning my mom will let us have any breakfast item for breakfast. We'll just do random things such as talk or games or prank calls or something. Some people may be picked up that day, some might stay the whole day, or some might even stay another night. I think it's going to be a blast!!!   

Here are some games you can play:

Truth or dare: Everyone knows this game. Its simple, easy, and can end quick if needed and if someone has to go, you can still play. 

Twister: A great game for when every one is kinda hyper. It's fun, funny, entertaining, and not too hard. 

Telephone: This game is better played at a party with a bigger amount of people. But this game is commonly knowen, and if someone doesn't know it, then it's very easy to teach. Okay, well one person says something and whispers it to the person next to them, and then they whisper it to the person next to them, etc. Then the last person in the line or circle says it out loud, and normally it doesn’t come out right and every one has a good laugh.   

Contests are also a fun thing for a party:  Best ____: You could tell the people to look nice when they come, not to formal, but as in not in ripped up clothes and very messy hair and things. Like you could vote on favorite hair, clothes, etc. Then everyone could vote on their favorite, and they can't vote for them selves and they must sign their vote so that you know that know one is cheating.

Then you just give an award, or small prize to the winner.  Dance, Dance!: You could have a dance contest at the dance part. One for best dancer, funniest dancer, etc. The award the winners with a small prize or award.    Well those are just my game and cotest ideas. I'm sure you can think of more.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my idea!

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