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Alison in Waynesville NC America


September 2006



Turning thirteen is a major part in a girl's life, and as such, she may want to have a  special, different party, in comparison to her other  parties.  As the celebration is one that she will cherish for a long time, she may want to have  significant, joyful memories of being younger. However, doing this is hard if you want to stick to a theme, and do something fun and enjoyable for everyone. The solution? Have each girl bring pictures from her past, and make memorable, framed collages. 

You will need: A basic frame for each guest,  basic simple black ones work best, and  you can pick them up for only a few dollars at a craft store, or superstore. You also need scrap booking supplies, you can buy one theme, and have all of the collages similar, or buy separate, basic themes such as friendship, growing up, or  fun.

 In addition to this you will also need paper, which you can pick up with the scrap booking supplies. Use these as a background for the collages. Finally, something to secure the pictures and paper, I suggest photo splits, but you can use tape. However, over time the tape may damage the pictures. 

Setup: Clear either a table or counter in your home. I would suggest using your kitchen counter, or island for supplies. First, setup an area with scissors, paper punches, things used for cutting. Also, if you have a friend who scrapbooks, you may be able to use her cutters.

Next, set up a station with basic paper, for the background. Next, things the guest may use  to add flair to her collage, stickers, paper scraps, anything you can think of! Then clear a worktable (Or two!) where the guests (and birthday girl) can make their masterpiece! 

How To: Take the cardboard, or back of the frame, and cover with  base color. This can be a patterned scrap booking  paper, or a solid color. Form there, let the partiers be creative. They can cut pictures into squares, layer them, mat them, and just let loose. Make sure they lay things out before they secure everything. Then, just reattach the back of the frame.

Favors: If taking home a pretty collage isn't enough, you can send home stickers, mini picture frames and, if your ambitious Polaroid's of the party.  

Decorations: As the party isn't too theme specific, choose two colors and pick up some streamers and balloons. Really, the decorations aren't all that important, but if you must have them, stick to two colors, three at most. 

Food: Like the décor, the food isn't all that important, cake can be the optional décor colors, or just an average birthday cake. If you are going all out with this party, look into having a cake with your child's picture on it. Other than that, the typical pizza and snacks are fine, but eat after the collages! 

Variation: Another way you could do this, is to also buy disposable cameras (One per person), and head down to a local park, (Or you can stay at home) and shoot pictures of each other hanging out. Then head home, while a volunteer drops off the photos for one hour photo developing. Then, party while the gracious volunteer gets the photos. 

Hints: For the scrap booking supplies, find a book that includes die cuts, stickers and papers.  Also, if you do in fact use the variation, look into doing trick photography, things like having one person stand behind another to make it look like someone has two arms.

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