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Michelle in Rockledge, Florida, USA


May 2007


Special Mention

I've never hosted a party before, and since I'm heading off to college I wanted to be sure the one I hosted was memorable. I found a theme on this site I loved, Naughty or Nice? And decided to use that. My budget was 250$. 

DECORATIONS: I divided the house in two. In the livingroom I hung black plastic bats, glow-in-the-dark creepy crawlies, and glow stars from the ceiling. I replaced the normal bulbs with black lights and hooked a strobe up to the ceiling. I re-used a lot of old halloween decorations (like skeletons and witches) and placed these in corners. I set up a plasma ball, a red siren, a dragon fountain, and a japanese glow lantern on top of our book shelf after draping a black sheet over it. The rest of the furniture I moved out of the livingroom and I set up my stereo in the corner. For a final touch I draped red and black streamers across the bookshelf and door and scattered a few red and black balloons across the floor. This was the naughty side of the house. For the kitchen I spread out a pink tablecloth we already owned, and took a chance and used our good china for serving dishes. I scattered sparkly silver stars over the counters, set up stuffed animals and white christmas lights on the counters, and a big fluffy boa to decorate our lamp with. The centerpiece for the table was a fairy fountain I filled with decorative rocks and lit a few candles in. I used a few white and pink balloons and streamers. This was the nice side of the home. The backyard was left the way it was, (streamers look silly on a chain-link fence). The overall cost of decorations was about 50$. The rest of the stuff I found in my attic!    

FOOD: I got four small containers of ice-cream in popular flavors and toppings to go with it. Whipped cream, marachino cherries, M&M's, Skittles, Hershey's Kisses, marshmellows, and Twizzlers. I got Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies, a box of each, as well as potato chips and Cheetos. The punch bowl was filled with Sprite, and I made my own ice mold using raspberry soda water and strawberries. I didn't order pizza until an hour before the guests were supposed to arrive and got cheese, pepperoni, and veggie toppings. Serving dishes were nice crystal, but actual plates and cups were just pink plastic. My dad (very) generously paid for food. It was not included in my budget.

GAMES: This was hard. These are not kindergarten children easily amused. These are kindergarden children stuck in teenage bodies. I ended up coming up with my own games.

The first was, PINATA! I made the thing myself using instructions over the internet. You use balloons and cardboard for a skeleton and layer paper mache over it. This took two days to do, in addition to decorating it. I gave it little horns and a very large head and a tiny round body. I bought the candy from the Dollar Store, it's name-brand and cheap! I put the candy in the thing's head and hung it from a large tree in the backyard using a lot of cord and ducktape. I made my own candy bags in my fashion class from fabric scraps and bought a cheap, plastic bat.

The second game was called FATE! I had fifteen guests coming, so I got out fifteen pots. Each one had a tiny rolled up slip of paper inside. For this game I bought three gift certificates for twenty, twenty, and ten dollars. Each slip of paper had either a silly dare on it, (declare your undying love to a grapefruit, stick three ice cubes down your pants, run around the back yard screaming like Tarzan), or a note saying they won a gift certificate. Guests pick pots at random and trade with another only if they want to. They must perform the dare inside the pot.

The Third game was called SYMBOLS! For this one, I got fifteen prizes from the mall. Coffee, jewelry, stuffed animals, body spray, posters, good quality candy…for girls and guys. It's important to pick prizes that fit the personalities of your guests. Then, I put a different symbol in 45 different balloons, blew them up, and scattered them over the house and yard. You tell the guests to go and find the 3 best balloons. They see the symbols and try to guess what they mean. You have an answer key, for instance the ace of diamonds equals 4, so when they pop their balloons you can count up their score and let the person with the highest score choose first, second highest second etc

The fourth game was called POT LUCK. You ask each guest to bring 2 dollars and place it in a bucket. They draw from a jar, if they get an X they lose, if they get a dollar sign they win the pot. Fifteen people, that's thirty dollars, plus I dropped in five for the game.

For the games section, the average cost being for prizes and candy, was about 120$. Note: You can purchase much cheaper prizes from the dollar store if you're on a tight budget, but my friends and I are really close and I wanted to give them a kind of farewell present and these games were the best way to do it.

MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT: I already owned a stereo system I had gotten for my sixteenth birthday, but after I dragged that beast out into my livingroom I thought about what to play on it? I have a very wide variety of friends with very different tastes in music, (My Chemical Romance vs Dixie Chicks vs Phantom of the Opera). Then I remembered I owned an MP3 player. A week in advance I took song requests from my friends and downloaded them on, then purchased a USB cable cord to hook it up to my stereo. It worked like a charm, and the cable wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. (15$). The main entertainment for the evening was going to the mall and seeing Pirates of the Caribbean 3, going with the party theme of naughty and nice, fickle fate, oh heck. It was just a good movie we wanted to see. We booked 15 tickets on Fandango and my friends were told in the invite to bring money for the movie ticket. This way I would pay my dad back and we wouldn't have to wait in line. When we got home I hooked up the MP3 player and took song requests, when we got bored we went in the backyard and played manhunt, then told ghost stories outside. Despite a cooler full of iced coffee, we fell asleep on the floor.

TRAITOR: This isn't a game. It's a lethal challenge to the host. It's hard, I almost got caught several times by several different people. You call up each guest individually and tell them they're the traitor, and not to tell anyone else. Hang up. The day of the party you tell everyone that there is a traitor in their midst and to use whatever means possible to find out who. It is absolutely hilarious to see guests winking at you, accusing other people of being the traitor, and that person panicking thinking they're about to be discovered blaming someone else, who also panicks. It's very fun. At the end of the party you tell your guests to write the name of the traitor on a piece of paper and place it in a bowl. You turn out the lights and tell the true traitor to raise their hands. You turn on the lights, reveal you are the real traitor and draw a name. Really creep this person out, tell them to reach into a bag, place some kind of vibrating toy inside along with IT. Tell the person to imagine what IT could be, give them some suggestions like roadkill or a squirming bunch of roaches. Tell the person they're going to get IT. Grab their wrist and make them grab IT. Now turn on the lights. Well, for my raffle prize I got a large pink plush puppy from Toys R Us. And the girl I creeped out, socked me in the face with a pillow. Price of puppy, about 40$.

INVITES/GUEST/HOST: I put this section last because it's the part that can destroy a party. Annihilate it. Please get guests together who like eachother, and please make guests RSVP. I invited fifteen people, took into account that ten would show up, but prepared for fifteen. I made the invites myself on the computer with angel chibi/devil clipart. I mentioned the party to everyone a month ahead of time, sent invites out the week before, and called everyone a day before reminding them it was the day after the last day of school. Then, dressed in my angel hostess outfit I set everything up with my two best friends. I had six people show up. I was a little sad my other friends couldn't make it, but when you plan a party you have to take family emergencies, crises, vacations, and life in general into consideration. It wasn't exactly the way I planned it, (nothing ever is), but it was a lot of fun and the movie was awesome! It was also a lot easier to drive six people in two cars than it would be to drive fifteen. In the end, I stuck close to my budget and ended up spending around 240$.

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